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Wow, that is really sad. Scary stuff.
Did one person really eat 33,000 calories in one day? What kind of stuff did they eat? That is quite a shocking number.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shonahsmom Okay, so here's a few plausible theories that I think may explain the ending of that episode: 1) Jack must play a deadly game of touch football in order to save Juliet's life. 2) Jack's only condition for leaving the island is that he must play a game of catch with Tom (who has never had the joy of tossing around the good 'ol pigskin with a son of his own because he is impotent and has a low sperm count) ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pyratekk His new favorite thing is pointing at objects in the room (literally pointing with one finger) and crying until I bring them closer to him for him to examine them (put his mouth on them, touch them, etc etc). Yes, we had that issue. He also did the same thing with books at that age. Before he could point, he would freak if there wasn't something right in front of him to watch or interact with. He didn't...
I would say the same about my kids... the one who appears "less gifted" (and, speaking academically, certainly is) is actually "good" at more things. My ds has a frighteningly awesome mind and is extremely creative, but he prefers to stick with his academics and book/writing/computer interests rather than try new things or more physical activities.
I agree with the others, if he is not interested in the workbooks then set them aside for now. There are plenty of other learning activities he enjoys, it sounds like.
I'm glad we're getting to see some episodes with other characters besides Jack/Kate/Sawyer.
I love the way you have organized. It looks great! My son has those planets in his room too. http://www.ghosts.org/temp/holliswall.jpg
Quote: Originally Posted by kama'aina mama Never. The mods know what is best for me and I don't want to see anything they think I shouldn't.
I agree with Pookel about $30 being the general point at which I start to think something is too much. For a book I'd say $20, though. Usually I just borrow books or wait for the used paperback, unless it's something really special.
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