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Quote: Originally Posted by becoming I admitted I like fashion and clothes in my OP, so I think it balances out. I think so too. Just couldn't resist the smart-aleck remark! Plus I was getting distressed that so many people don't care about American Idol... what kind of blasphemy is that?!
I usually like this show, but I was NOT pleased at all with this episode. I would have been fine with the weaning because it did seem like the woman was leaning that way anyhow, but Nanny Jo's blathering on about "healthy emotional bonds" and such was way out of line. I just don't think she should have expounded in that way since she obviously doesn't know Thing One about breastfeeding. Super irritating!!
Okay, that is pretty darn strange. And gross!! Whatever would possess someone?
I don't care about making "I don't care about" lists for the sake of looking counter-culture.
Well, this should put the conspiracy theories to rest.
I think it is bunk. : I totally agree with Roar's points as well.
No writing or fine motor skills issues here. Did you mean that or actual content of written material?
Warning :: Spoiler Ahead! Highlight to read message! Antonella is OUTTA THERE! Woooooooohoooooo!!!
I completely agree with Cranberry's assessment. Good grief. This is not looking good...
There's a big H&M at our mall. I didn't even know they carried kids' clothes. The whole front is ladies' so I haven't been in. I'll definitely check it out next time.
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