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I didn't know Edie had a kid either. Weird. I felt bad for Mike, but is he really not going to say anything because of a stupid poker bet? Sheesh.
Heehee. But like Rob said... it doesn't matter unless it's the last leg.
Has anyone used either of these? How well do they work? How much are the installation/startup fees and what kind of contract do you have to sign? I'm having trouble finding the info on their websites. I can find the basic rates ($24.99 for Vonage and $40 for Comcast) but nothing else.
Quote: Originally Posted by Learnintolaugh Dear deity in heaven, what happend to Kelli Pickler? I get that she likes the older style of country, that is fine, but you can do it proud and still look young and fresh and not like she's channeling a 40 year old hooker. The only plausible explanation I can come up with is that she is reacting VERY badly to something in those things they implanted on her chest. That was pretty scary, wasn't it? I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Starr I hope it picks up because instead of highly anticipating the show like in the past I have to remind myself to watch it. I actually forgot to watch last night! I can't believe it. I turned off American Idol and said to my kids "There's nothing else on tonight." Oops.
I think I'm in girl love with Melinda. She's adorable and has an awesome voice and seems so sweet. I really hope she makes the top 2.
I have no problem with the information as long as I get to see James Spader being passionate.
Quote: Originally Posted by UnschoolnMa It's the ladies night tonight! I'm having a John Lovitz in Wedding Singer flashback... "Ladies night, OH what a night!"
I liked Sundance a lot better this week. Chris Sligh was good too. I must be the only person who's not super-impressed with Blake. I thought the first half of his performance was really off last night. I did like the second part better.
Quote: Originally Posted by AmandasMom I was afaid this would happen back in season 1, the show becoming like the XFiles. It was so good in the beginning, but it just went on and on and on with too many questions and not enough answers. See, I'm a HUGE X-Files fan--can you tell? To me the distinct difference between Lost and X-Files is that X-Files was not wholly dependent on its main "mystery" (the alien/govt conspiracy story arc). X-Files...
New Posts  All Forums: