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My dd will be 10 soon and is very nosy too. I have to tell her once a week or so to back off and give me a little privacy, that not everything I type or talk about on the phone is so exciting she NEEDS to know about it. She's not like that with other people, only me. So I guess it's just a function of loving her mom a WHOLE LOT.
Here is my 12yo ds with his bday present. http://www.ghosts.org/annika/2007/hollis-calculator.jpg
Last week my kids were out until 11PM playing in the snow right next to our porch. So no, I don't think there's anything wrong with it.
My ds will be 12 on Dec 14th. For his bday I am getting him Godiva chocolate--this is becoming a tradition as he's a HUGE chocolate fan. My mom is getting him a TI graphing calculator. For Solstice I'm getting him: An Atari Flashback 2 (he loves retro gaming) Cube World cubes A CD player with some CD's A shirt that says "WORLD PEACE PLEASE" Most likely some books
I guess I don't have any great advice. Maybe just a set day a couple times a month where you both know you're going to play chess? That way maybe if she knew you WERE going to play it with her she wouldn't bug you so much. My ds also loves chess and I am terrible at it and don't like to play it. He went through a phase of asking me all the time to play it. I felt bad, but I eventually had to tell him I didn't want to play it all the time because it wasn't enjoyable...
Wow, I am really sorry to hear your ds is so upset. I have to agree that it doesn't sound normal. My kids have never been like that with my ex. Once in a while they don't want to go but it's not anything dramatic--they just would rather stay home for whatever reason. I would be really worried if they were saying things like that. I hope you get it figured out.
These aren't as "good" as some of the others. Guess I should be thankful. But here are mine. My OB I had at the beginning of my second pregnancy (1997) told me I would miscarry or go into preterm labor if I didn't stop breastfeeding my toddler. (We switched to a midwife after that.) Doctors at my son's first ped practice (1996): * "Boo"ed me when I said I was nursing my three month old every two hours. * Told me to feed him water if he was hungry more often...
I finally found them and I have a little box ready for you. Sorry it took so long... they kept getting lost!! And I accidentally deleted your PM from long ago.
I wouldn't worry about it either. At that age they aren't really "masturbating" in the way that a child in puberty would. It's normal for them to explore their genitals.
If it makes you feel any better, my 9yo dd is an excellent reader and still doesn't really "get" phonics. Unfortunately her spelling is not so great and I think that may be why. But she can READ anything LOL.
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