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Quote: Originally Posted by CharlieBrown no, me too. Glad I'm not the only one. I thought she was funny the first season, but now she just bugs me. Edie narrating the show is a good idea... I think she'll end up being rescued, though.
I thought Susan and Mike's wedding was so sweet. I'm still a proud Susan fan. I'm glad Bree is back. I missed her! I'm thinking that maybe Carlos will save Edie at the last second? I don't know. That seemed so out of character for her. Lynnette... blah. I must be the only one here who doesn't like her. She just gets on my last nerve.
I thought they all did really well, but I bet Laila will go. I don't think she has the charmisma or the fan base that Apolo and Joey do. I also think Ian will probably be in the bottom two. I knew that Glen was going to be annoyed by the raunchiness of the Apolo routine! Oh well. I thought it was awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by kymholly Yeah. I love John Slattery, the actor that plays Victor, but this show reminded me of his stint on Sex & The City. He played a politico then, too & he was wonderful for weeks. Then he asked Carrie to pee on him & things went downhill from there... : Oh my gosh!! I knew I knew this guy from somewhere but I couldn't for the life of me remember where. Thank you, now it won't bug me anymore!
I think it's harder for the guy too. That's what they kept saying in past seasons, anyway. I do think it's harder to lead than to follow but I'm basing that on my 8yo's dance lessons so maybe I'm off base.
Quote: Originally Posted by coleslaw Yup, that's what I think. Bruno calling his dance crap may just bring out more votes just for spite. On a different note, does anyone see nothing chemistry-wise between Ian and Cheryl? Or did they have a fling and break-up so now there is weird tension? I don't know if she is just quiet or if they hate each other. That cake at her chest was a little weird, almost staged to get more votes. Am I imagining...
I think it'll be down to Apolo and Joey at the end. They are clearly the best and Apolo has a huge teenybopper fan base by the sound of the audience last night!
You know why we can't have more Sayid on the show? First of all, the obvious, he is too hot and would blow the retinas of all the women characters if he was in too many scenes. Secondly, he is prone to actually getting things accomplished instead of running in circles spouting cryptic messages. Can't have too much of that, the plot might start going somewhere. :
Quote: Originally Posted by mandib50 i agree. i think tom gets shafted more often than lynette. i just so want them to break down and have a real heart to heart. i feel badly for tom. i think lynette is a decent person with lots of control issues so i kinda feel badly for her too the thing i like about lynette is that in the end she does support tom even tho she gets there in a rude kinda way. I agree with this, except I don't like Lynette...
I don't like Edyta much either, but I think I like Billy Ray even less. Hmm... tough choice!!
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