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Quote: Originally Posted by i'mmykid'$mom Anyone think Joey's partner Kim looks like Barabra Eden without her dance make-up? Yes, LOL. I'm not a Joey fan but I thought he did really well. I was surprised.
Quote: Originally Posted by Spencersmom Random thoughts: Juliette is totally playing the Losties. Jack has been manipulated into empathizing and bonding with her. Then she gets "gassed" and put in the jungle with Kate. Uh, then why did she have the key to unlock them in her pocket the whole time? And could have used it at any time????? See, stuff like this is what makes me mental. The characters never ask "normal" questions. If you found...
Quote: Originally Posted by SarahJen DH and I said exactly the same thing about leaving Othersville, if it's safe there why not bring everyone there? That's what I was thinking too. :
Quote: Originally Posted by UnschoolnMa So do you think there will be another season? I think the voting process is dorked up, but I have no idea what else they should do instead. They could limit it to a certain number of votes per household. They do that with plenty of other shows, including Dancing with the Stars. However, AI will never do it because they like to brag about their "30 million votes" (in reality, a million or less people...
Quote: Originally Posted by TheDivineMissE Ok had to jump on this thread. So was it me or did Haley get the snarkiest smack down ever last night? LOL My husband and I both winced. That was pretty mean, really. Yeah, they were pretty mean, almost (but not quite ) bordering on unfunny. She really is bad, though. Not Sanjaya bad, but she doesn't deserve to still be there. I'm hoping she goes tonight. We all know Sanjaya's not getting voted off.
Quote: Originally Posted by LovemyBoo Unschooling - Child-led learning, the parent follows the child's interests and cues. Radical Unschooling - Applying the above philosophy to life as well as education. I agree with these definitions.
Our local school is bad (crappy rural district) and there are a ton of homeschoolers around here. A bunch of kids in my daughter's dance classes are homeschooled. In fact, out of the five kids in her tap class, THREE are homeschooled and one goes to private school!
Quote: Originally Posted by Roar Some activities that we enjoyed: Making the solar system in representative scale size (lots of info on how to do this online). LOL, we did that when Hollis was little. We found the activity in one of his books. I just had a major flashback.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cranberry Tonight: Tony Bennett! Oh my. What will Sanjaya do I wonder?
I kind of like my banned name. But can't I change it back myself anyway, since I have the subscription?
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