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Even if your kids don't like chicken livers, they might like liverwurst or braunsweiger. We get braunsweiger from US Wellness and both my kids will eat huge amounts of it (the adults like it too). The kids also like the liverwurst and head cheese, but I don't think those are as tasty.
Around 20w for me.
Siberians are a relatively rare breed, so it's possible that no one on this forum has experience with them. You could talk to some breeders, there is a listing here: http://www.breedlist.com/breeders/sib.html
Yes, tell them you can't afford it and see what they can do. You may have to document your financial situation to get it reduced, but it can be worth it. My sister had her whole emergency room bill written off recently (over $2000) because her income was so low.
I remember what torture it was during that last couple of months. It really should get better when baby is born. Be gentle with yourself and limit nursing if you need to, your DD will be OK.
I had #1 at 39 and #2 at 42. With two young kids, I feel like a young mother!
I use Mvelopes and really like it. I have also seen problems from time to time with adding and updating accounts. As I understand it, the problems are because of the way the system works: Mvelopes basically goes to the bank's web site and virtually logs in for you, and reads the information from the web site. So whenever the bank's web site changes, or asks for more security questions, you may have a temporary problem until Mvelopes makes a corresponding change to...
My first birth, at age 39, and second birth, at age 42, were both homebirths.
My DH had high cholesterol and we had to lower it in order to get a better life insurance rate (we wouldn't have been concerned otherwise). While we were trying to get it down, if I'm remembering right... he didn't restrict anything else he normally eats (like butter, eggs, meat etc.) but just made a point of eating oatmeal every day, walnuts and almonds and nut butters, avocado, and more fish than usual. It did help with the numbers and we were able to lower our rate. ...
We pay $3.75/quart for Claravale through our co-op. (Plus the standard $1.50 bottle deposit)
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