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My ILs are from Russia and quite conventional and conservative in most ways. We were surprised that when we told them we were planning a home birth, they thought it was a good idea. Apparently there is also a strong alternative birth culture in Russia. Have you seen the "Birth Into Being" video? http://www.midwiferytoday.com/videos/birthintobeing.asp
I do some, and DH does some. DH runs the dishwasher and does laundry in the evenings. I do the finances and paperwork, shopping, cooking, decluttering and tidying up, and cleaning.
I have eaten raw sprouted hummus that I bought at the farmer's market, and something about its sour, fresh taste gave me such a craving to eat it again or learn to make it... there must be some kind of wonderful enzymes/nutrients in it. I wonder if there is a way to lightly cook the sprouted beans to get rid of toxins and still preserve the liveliness of the raw sprouted stuff?
I loved the book and didn't find it to be angry in tone. I really liked how much research and evidence she presented. I read many, many books on birth before my first HB, and this was probably my favorite! It is a good thing that authors have different writing styles, because readers have such different preferences. For example, I know many people love Birthing from Within, and many people recommended it to me, but I found it to be boring and full of "fluff" and...
Sure, plenty of people do it. Both my kids have my last name. It has never been an issue at all. What kind of problems are you worried about?
I also like to check prices at Vitacost. They often have good prices on brands like Bob's Red Mill and Tinkyada.
I hated recess as a first grader (in public school). What's there to like about a bleak concrete and asphalt yard with no shade, teasing and bullying kids, nothing to do but "kick the ball"? I would have loved being outside in a more natural environment, but I guess trees and bushes and grass are hard to maintain. Luckily we moved, and I got to go to the alternative school where kids just did whatever they wanted all day. So I could just sit and read all day if I liked.
We do a lot of our everyday shopping at Berkeley Natural Grocery (a tiny store with a great selection) and Monterey Market (for all your produce needs... like a farmers market in a store). But we live in the neighborhood... I don't think I would come all the way from Alameda to shop here, there must be similar stores nearer to you! One store that we do miss since moving here from SF is Rainbow Grocery. It is a great store and we especially love the extensive bulk...
Preparedness/stockpiling continues to be a hot topic in Frugality & Finances and Mindful Home Management. Many posters have been discussing this topic in Frugality & Finances recently. Today several threads in this discussion were moved to Mindful Home Management. Although the specific topics of each of these threads might seem to fit better in MHM, the threads are part of a larger discussion that is, at present, taking place in F&F because there is no other place for...
My ILs are from Russia and we have similar issues. DH and I have been together for about 9 years and our children are 3.5 and 15 months. The ILs would like to move in and take care of the children full time, and have me go back to work. That is the way most Russian families do it. My DH has a hard time saying no to them, so I am the one to say no. I always smile and act as nice as I can, but I am very firm. Early in our marriage this would lead to fights with them,...
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