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I used to raise cats and have had an oops litter. Luckily it was between two cats of the same breed! For an oops litter of the same breed I would charge regular pet price... in most cases there really isn't much of a difference between an oops litter and a planned litter. And I would make some changes around the house to prevent it happening again!
Quote: Originally Posted by splotchy1 They did say that that money would earn 5% interest, so the eventual refund would be a bit bigger because of the interest. Really? 5% interest is pretty good these days, it almost makes me wish I'd set up our withholding to get a refund!
I wouldn't pay for an appraisal before you apply for a loan. When you refinance, the bank arranges the appraisal as part of the loan process; I'm pretty sure that most banks won't accept an independent appraisal. You can make your own estimate of your home's value by looking at recent sales of comparable homes. A pretty good place to start is Zillow. This isn't as good as getting an appraiser to look at your home, but at least it won't cost you anything. We are trying...
I'm not really sure how to phrase this question... but here goes. Background: We have wanted to refinance our home since the conforming limit was raised early in the year. We have our current mortgage with Wells Fargo at 6.375% (30 year jumbo) and a lower rate would make a big difference to us. Then DH was laid off, so we could not apply to refinance until he started a new job last week. The same day he started his new job, we saw that IndyMac was offering great...
Try again today or Monday. Mortgage rates are WAY down from just a few days ago. I just got quoted 4.875 with a credit towards closing costs, from IndyMac. Others were getting quoted 4.75 from them yesterday. They have great rates right now, but be prepared to wait a long time to speak to an agent, they are swamped with people refinancing!
I tore quite a bit both times, and didn't notice any specific tearing sensation. I didn't know if I'd torn (or how much) until the midwife checked me out.
Quote: Originally Posted by beka1977 We are using mvelopes.com and I love it! We use Mvelopes too, it is basically the online equivalent of a cash envelope system. I think we've used it for about 2 years. I used to be a Quicken user, but I never really felt in control of our finances until we switched to Mvelopes.
So we took DS to the dentist this week for a checkup. We hardly ever manage to brush his teeth properly so I admit I was a little nervous Anyway the dentist said "he does have a little plaque" (not a surprise) but other than that his teeth and gums look great. Whew! But what was funny was that the dentist wanted to have a little talk with me after the examination. He looked so serious that I thought he was going to berate me and tell me I was a bad mother for not...
Your DD sounds perfectly normal to me. Neither of my kids moved beyond the "tasting" stage with solids until they were past 12 months. DS was just tasting until about 18-20 months when I lost my milk supply because of pregnancy, and he had to start eating solids for real! DD is still just tasting and she is 13 months.
How about just using a butter knife, and let him slice or chop soft things like pears, strawberries, cooked vegetables, hard boiled eggs?
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