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My DH will ask me "What day of the week is Thanksgiving this year?" (He's from Russia.)
DS is almost 40 months and he still wears soft stars when it is not too cold or rainy.
In CA you are entitled to waive the requirement for reasons of "personal belief." Here is the vaccination record form: http://www.cdph.ca.gov/programs/immu...nts/pm286b.pdf On the back of the form, there is a box titled PERSONAL BELIEFS AFFADAVIT. Sign and date. That's it
Grindstone is very TF-friendly, and can be ordered online, but it is expensive. http://www.grindstonebakery.com/ We need to get back into the habit of making our own
I didn't look at the link, so I don't know what they are buying (huge pile of plastic crap?), but really, if someone has the money and they want to spend it on their kids, who am I to criticize them? It's in principle no worse than spending a lot of money on beautiful handmade diapers for a new baby (wouldn't be hard to spend $600 on that!), or handmade wood and fabric toys for a preschooler (one could easily spend more than that on a play kitchen or dollhouse, when you...
Quote: Originally Posted by wife&mommy ETA: Is it also reasonable to assume that if they are buying it they should pick it up unless noted? I live in a HUGE city so people never want to drive across it to pick things up. Yes, normally the buyer is expected to come and pick it up. In some cases the seller might help to transport something (for example, if the seller has a truck and the buyer doesn't) but the buyer would still come to the...
I always have them come to the house. I don't feel nervous about it at all.
I have never had a safe in the house. How would I figure out what kind to get and where to put it? Even if you don't keep much cash at home, I am thinking of valuable documents that need to be kept where you can get them easily (like passports)?
I checked "major trouble" since DH was laid off in October and still looking for work, so we have no income right now. We are not feeling it in our day-to-day life yet, because we still have savings.
I would only consider paying off my mortgage if I already had a sizable emergency savings: 6-12 months of expenses. In a case of extended job loss, huge medical bills, or another financial crisis, I don't want to have my money tied up in the house where I can't access it.
New Posts  All Forums: