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Lately I have noticed a number of threads on emergency and disaster preparedness, stockpiling and food storage (for disasters and also to deal with personal emergencies and job loss). These threads don't seem to have a natural home (mindful home management? frugality & finances? the food forums?), and they also tend to get pretty long and unmanageable (imho). If there were a forum for this topic, I know I would visit it a lot. Is there a procedure for suggesting a...
Yes, we buy it when we feel we can afford it I believe it is high quality food, made with time and effort from the best ingredients. The breads are very dense and can be sliced very thinly. We like them best toasted. Of the regular gluten free breads, we like the sprouted seeds version the best. We also love the new ciabatta rolls (especially the herb)!
Our favorite is "The Gartan Mother's Lullaby" which I learned from my mother when I was a child... here is a version similar to the one we sing. http://my.montana.net/aliceflynn/gartan.html
Before reinserting I just rinse with hot water... then before I put it away for the month, I wash with soap and water and sometimes I boil it if I am in the mood.
We put any extra money towards savings rather than our mortgage, because we might need the saved money in an emergency. I am really happy we had savings because DH got laid off this month and we have no income now.
Thank you for writing this. I hadn't heard anything about it until now. I think it's also useful for cat breeders to read, and I'll forward it on.
When DS was little, I sang lots of pretty lullabies and songs, but now that I have DD, I find myself singing a lot of nonsense, or (more often lately) totally inane made-up lyrics about what a cute baby she is
It wouldn't bother me, but I have a 3 year old, too. Actually, I can totally imagine being in the co-op lady's shoes in this situation. For those who say the co-op lady should offer a refund, how would that work exactly? A co-op organizer isn't making a profit, so if she offers a refund on something, that means she has to pay for it herself... How would that be more fair, especially when the merchandise wasn't really even damaged?
We are shopping for a chest freezer... I read a few posts here that said "get the biggest one possible." Really?? If it's huge (20-25 c.f.) how do you deal with all the frozen food when you defrost it? I'm kind of weirded out by the idea of getting a freezer big enough to lie down in If the power goes out, which freezer do you think would stay cool longer: a huge freezer full of food or a small freezer full of food? A temperature alarm sounded like a good...
I was just about to post about this, too. We just bought a Nautilus and DS (3 yo) was really excited about it, but isn't comfortable sitting in it and wants to get out right away. He hasn't explained why it isn't comfortable. He is comfortable in his old Boulevard (that we were going to pass down to DD who is growing out of her infant seat). ??
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