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This is my fourth baby (6th pregnancy) and I haven't gotten the maternity pants yet...although it won't be long! I have a "belly" that I think looks pregnancy but nobody else can even tell! I did get all my maternity clothes out and I keep looking at them, but I'm not ready for them yet!
I wish we had a cloth diaper store somewhere around here! We used to have one abour 2 1/2 hours away but they moved to another Province (I can still order from them online though...) but it would be great to be able to go into a store and buy...but then again maybe I would buy too much! LOL
I will be birthing in a hosptial with an OB. Here there are no birth centers (ideal IMO) and a homebirth is not a option for us. Ideally is not what I will get...I was induced for all three of my other ones (various reasons) so I really have no reason to believe this one will be any different but it would be nice if I could start labour on my own...
Mine is Chicken which sucks because I LOVE chicken! A few weeks ago I made a Chicken Dill Sandwich (you fry the chicken breasts in garlic/butter/dill mixture and then grill French bread and add cream cheese mixed with dill weed and put it all together)...this is something I dream about even when I'm not pregnant, but when I made it we had purchased a different brand of chicken breasts and they were horrible!!! Now I can't even stand the thought of chicken, even typing...
I picked up Hynobirthing at a second hand store for $1. It's an interesting read, not sure if I'll follow it or not but it gives me something to read.
I didn't read through all the posts (maybe someone already suggested this...) but just say since it's a 2 bedroom apartment they kids are going to share...thus no need for a new theme since you already have "Pooh" AND you already have all you need in the pooh theme. Might make sure they don't purchase something else you won't use AND it it also gives them a theme since they seem keen on you "needing" one!
I part-time cloth diapered my second child...I used a little bit of everything out there (even some I made myself!). Then when I got pregnant with my 3rd I searched and searched and finally came up with the Bumgenius pockets. I bought them and started using them at around 2 months (used disposibles until then) and unfortunately as much as "I" loved them the inside leaves a rash on my baby's bottom. I used them for about 5 months with a fleece liner inside and then went...
I was like that (and violently sick) until I started taking Diclectin. I never took it for my other 3 and I wanted to avoid it but I just wasn't going to make it. I couldn't even function and with 3 other kids I needed too. I feel 100% better now, still somewhat tired but nothing I can't handle.
I know what you mean!! Today I just had to have a hot dog...and onion rings. I HATE hotdogs! LOL I really wanted to order a root beer as well but held back I know it doesn't last forever so hopefully in a few weeks I'll feel like "eating right" but for now I figure it's better to eat something than nothing
I'll say it like my dh told our good friends the other night "We figured since we started our family with an Oops, we might as well end it with an Oops!" LOL Our first was very much a surprise (I was 17...) then our other two children were very planned and now this one was a total shocker as well!! I am not upset, I think until today (had an u/s) I guess I wasn't even sure if it was real, but now that I know it is I'm sure I'll get excited. What's one more kid if you...
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