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I haven't heard of anything for the pain, but maybe you can try cutting back on her nap(s) so she is more tired at night so it won't take so long to get to sleep? That's what I did with Konur when I was pregnant and wanted to keep nursing but needed help with the pain.
I am reading the Twilight series and I like it
Right on! Glad you are feeling better.
Ouch! I cannot imagine having to go through it that often. There are some alternative treatments for reoccurring mastitis that she can look into. Recurrent Mastitis
I am sorry to hear you are in pain! Is it only during letdown that you feel this? I would suggest checking out this information about mastitis since you said you are also sore. KellyMom Mastitis
I think it depends on how old the nurslings are that you see around you. When Konur was an infant, I thought 6 months because that's what I had heard and had not seen anyone older than an infant nursing. So, I figured babies stopped when they were an infant so 6 months is good. I didnt know how to stop but this was early on and Konur as tongue tied so I had enormous challenges and breastfeeding was a day to day thing for months. Then I met an amazing group of woman who...
Congrats on your EPing! That's really amazing. Your body will adjust to the lack of stimulation at night so you would just be losing that night time milk. It's a supply and demand so if you arent demanding, your body won't be supplying.
Glad to hear your milk came in! heehee : Room temp is 4 hours.
Would I say yes if he asked again? Yes. Do I think he will ask again? No. I am kinda glad he took his own sweet time decided if he was done or not cause it gave me a while to be okay with him being done. I went back and forth, but after about 2 months, i was feeling much better about it. It was such a part of our relationship...anyway...his response that he didnt know if he was done made me wonder about other children who arent' given the opportunity to do it on their own...
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