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Hey folks, In a banner ad on MDC awhile ago there was an ad for girls t-shirts and one had a samurai warrior on it, t-shirt was pink. My dd would LOVE this and I'm trying to find for her bday. LMK if anyone can point me in the right direction. thanks!
Anyone see Soup's spoof on The Bachelor? http://www.astrochicks.com/2009/03/0...omment-page-1/
He was amazing. And I do love him. I mean, I think I really am in love with him after this interview! I agree, I think its absurd that a comedy show did better reporting than the so called professionals. I think JS should be the host of Meet the Press. He's absolutely brilliant!
I've heard it could mean good things as in...death of the old ways, birth of the new...like a spiritual rebirth. And there does seem to be some type of "adjustment" going on. As painful as this economic crisis has been, I think its making people really change their perspective on life about what's important, living more honestly and simplifying etc. I was just in Tulum, Mexico and met someone who was from a Mayan family (his Dad is a Shaman) and so I asked him about...
http://www.accesshollywood.com/conte...elorEmails.pdf Here's a link to the supposed emails between melissa and jason.
Does anyone know a cool beach town in the US that is family friendly - not just retirees and tourists?
We have to move our old maytags over to our rental house but the good news is I have an excuse to buy a new, efficient washer/dryer. Anyone have recommendations?
This probably isn't what you are looking for but our gift to each other is that we don't have to buy each other a gift. maybe it seems lame but honestly, with all the stuff going on around the holidays...NOT having to buy a gift is the best gift. He appreciates his gift too I buy him gifts other times of year - anniversary and birthday.
oh that's what I meant AMS - sorry. So in other words, if you can do the 3-6 training without bachelors? Do you have to get your associates first or does the course issue you an associates degree? Thanks!
I listened to Audacity of Hope on audio cd - it was good but I'm afraid it would be pretty BORING to read. That one is more about his politcal career. Dreams of My Father more personal - his early years. I started Dreams but put it aside to read something else. I think its ok, I just was burned out!
New Posts  All Forums: