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anyone know?
Does anyone have any photos or you tube links to the ads that LDS sponsored? Also, does anyone have concrete info that they did in fact target minorities with ads and robocalls? thanks.
I'd like to live in Ashland OR
Does anyone know if I can find a link to that article online? I think it printed last year sometime. thanks.
I don't always get the books I want immediately but most become available over time. I still have to buy books or go to the library when I want something specific - but I find paperbookswap useful for those books that I want to read but I'm not in a hurry to read right now. I just recieved "on Chesil Beach" which has probably been on my wish list for a year and just got it. If you are patient, you'll get some...but it is sorta hit or miss i guess.
Are you in Saturn Return? Cause I am and its no joke. I was never really interested in astrology until I went into this phase and was like "something is going ON!" it really feels like a dark cloud. Even during so many blessings we've had over these years, it seems theres always something overshadowing it. I think if I hadn't known some planetary influence was affecting me its possible that dh and I would be divorced. Anyway, I was going to recommend the book "The...
I really like Ezekiel!
I think its fine to change it if you don't like it. I would definitely do it while he's a baby. I don't like my kids middle names - chose to go with family names and I really don't care for them. I really regret it and wish I could change them.
What is the What? A Thousand Splendid Suns Eat Pray Love The Glass Castle
Quote: Originally Posted by karina5 Marijuana is a PLANT. It's crazy that it's illegal, and most people have no idea WHY it's illegal. I think MJ should be legal too but I'm always surpised when people act like nothing could be wrong with MJ use because its a plant. Lots of drugs come from plants and are dangerous - tobacco, opium, cocaine, etc. I think its just a faulty to argue that its natural so can't be harmful.
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