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I know some moms that did this and it kinda bothered me too but I'm not a pot smoker so I don't relate to the desire. I try to just see it as something I don't understand so I can't judge. However, I have noticed...in my passive observation that the pot smoking moms I know seem to have kids that seem to have issues such as learning disabilities, severe behavioral issues etc. It could just be a coincidence.
my favorites Gabriel Oliver (nn Ollie) Finn Milo Lucas Hudson
We had a homebirth and dd went a week without a name. I wish I'd had longer actually. We were so certain that we were having another boy we didn't seriously discuss girl names. I like dd's name a lot but impulsvely chose her mn which I don't really like. Personally, I think we should all get a little more time to chose a name.
ok. after staring at both of these for a day...i went for it....we got the bento box. oh yeah, and reusable bags had a coupon 20% off - code f70838
Quote: Originally Posted by becoming Does the bento have lids for all those little containers? If so, I'd go with that. If not, I'd go with the other one. does anyone know if they have lids? it kinda looks like the lid just closes and holds them in place - is that how it works? thanks!
I have a 3 year old starting preschool and a 5 year old starting kindergarten and am torturing myself over which lunchbox to get. I really like this one.... http://www.reusablebags.com/store/la...ok-p-528.html# but I don't like that it is plastic. Its lead and PVC free tho. I like the idea of the containers it seems like it would be easier to pack balanced meals in there. Also its a little more money which adds up buying 2. This one is stainless steel but less...
first time my midwife broke it during transition second time it broke when dd was coming out!
the Foogo looks great...I guess I'm just confused where to PUT all these things? Do you put the foogo and the wrap mat in a larger lunch box? thanks.
I really want to get ds the to go ware set http://www.reusablebags.com/store/to...FRLoxgodqRW_fg but I've got questions...can i just throw this in his backpack or do I need to buy some type of bag for this to go inside? Anyone have this set? thanks!
I need to get ds a backpack for kindergarten and I need to be able to put his to-go ware steel lunch box plus a drink in there. Any ideas?
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