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Quote: Originally Posted by amitymama Of course there are sexist remarks made towards men, I don't think anyone would dispute that. But to act like this is new information or that it's somehow worse than the millions of sexist comments made about and towards women by men every day is a bit laughable. I guess I was just surprised at the level of indignation that it elicited, as if these poor men being judged on the quantity of their hair is somehow worse...
Because of the expense...we've actually been less likely to lose them! In other words, I double check to make sure I've remembered them or even once drove back to the park to retrieve it. However, my kids aren't school age yet so I suppose its possible they could lose them. I think I paid around $16 for each one somewhere online (can't remember where). IMO they've been worth it. We still have them a year later. My plastic ones broke so even tho they were cheap, I was...
Women are objectified in the media 24/7 but 'how dare they' objectify men? Please.
I don't have much to say...just didn't want to read without showing some support. Sounds like a TERRIBLE day - i can't believe all of that happened in one single day! Try to nuture yourself as much as you can. I was in a car wreck (no one seriously hurt) a year and a half ago and was literally in a daze for a week. My mind couldn't stop envisioning crashes and I just felt really out of it. With everything you are saying...it almost sounds like an astrological...
I voted beach cause we live in the mountains
I'm thinking about getting one of those mopping/vacuum robots...does anyone have one and what do you think? My house is about 2000 sq feet and mostly hardwood (bamboo) floors. The only carpet is an area rug in the living room and the kids bedrooms. So I'm mainly thinking about the scooba because if it would mop for me I'd be : Any thoughts?
Would your ex ever consider knocking you up? LOL Just a thought.
Ds (5 and 1/2) wants some type of story about skateboarders. Anyone know of one?
I'm still bummed my ds's name isn't Gabriel nn Gabe. My favorite name for a boy and dh hates it. I also really wanted to name dd Isabel in spite of the popularity but a close friend had a daughter named that after her mother. I could have done it anyway but didn't. ALSO, I really liked Lucia nn Luci for dd but since ds is named Lucas it didn't work as a sibling. Oh yeah and I like Violet but dh didn't and it doesn't go with our last name.
Actually we've been to both those places...with kids! Actually, back when we had 1 kid and could get around easier. Tough choice. The beaches in Tulum (small area on Riviera maya) were AMAZING, I mean absolutely blow your mind AMAZING. There's some cool ruins right near there too. And I've heard Coba is really cool. There's also a couple incredible eco-amusement parks Xcaret (AWESOME) http://www.xcaret.com and Xel Ha (didn't go there). You can swim with dolphins, enormous...
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