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I'm about halfway through - reading this for my book club this summer. I think its getting more interesting now. So do you guys think it is autobiographical? Any info on whether or not Jeffrey Eugenides is a hermaphrodite? just curious
I have this in my netflix queue and can't wait to watch it- I hear its awesome! I love me some David Duchovony! Weeds season 3 just came out too and I had a hard time deciding which to watch first.
I saw it with my 5.5 and 3 year old. From what I could watch (had to chase 3 year old all over) I thought it was good but honestly don't get the hype. The kids did fine in the first 30 min but I was bored. Then toward the end my 5 year old (very sensitive) got scared from all the explosions and told me "i don't like this movie" I just don't think it was very appealing to their age. I did like the message tho.
Quote: Originally Posted by mammal_mama The fact is, we messies seem to need lots of reassurance that we're really not terrible wives and mothers, and sometimes we go about seeking that in a way that's hurtful to others. We need to be more careful about that. : I'm realizing from reading this thread that this is maybe another area where mothers and women misunderstand each other. I never thought about the fact that I might be insulting a...
It depends what day you asked me. In general I like it. I do wish I had more support from family and time away. I'd love t have more involvement in the outside world. But I know that is coming for me...my ds will be in kindergarten and my dd in parttime preschool in the fall. Knowing I'll have a little bit of a life again in the fall makes me happy!
"Shelter" by Ray LaMontagne http://www.last.fm/music/Ray+LaMonta...+1-C1Wx96XCDto
Ruby and Shirley Dh's are Helen and Florence
OMG the i hate crocs blog is hilarious. 'pieces of croc' The thing is....I don't think they are comfortable? To me they totally feel weird. My toenails were rubbing against the rubber in this icky way and well...that blog says it best..." I walked funny & they kept slipping off my feet, but I got a hang of them after a while. I should have known that terrible sign from the beginning. This wasn't breaking-in to shoes, this was like trying to stand up on a wobbly slab of...
We have our own business and use Celtic Insurance (google it for rates) which is on the Medcost network. It was the most reasonable we could find and so far so good. Its $395 a month for all 4 of us. We only get 2 dr. sick visits a year (copay is $15) plus 1 check up a year. Any Dr. visits beyond that it goes toward the $2500 deductible each person. Emergency room copay is $150. Max out of pocket is 7000 I believe. Not the greatest plan in the world but it was the best we...
Quote: Originally Posted by urklemama I think the author should clean out her disgusting minivan. I would like, just once, to see an article on this subject that doesn't SOMEHOW manage to belittle traditional women's work. This whole "oh, we're just too wacky to be tidy" thing is so annoying. People on the damn prairies with ten children and goats managed to be clean. Take a plastic bag and pick up the mickyd wrappers, lady, it won't kill...
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