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i really like mother memoirs or "momoirs" as they've been nicknamed. Also some anthologies. I just find a lot more insight and that they are more interesting to read than the how-to stuff. Some of my favorites are: Let the Baby Drive:Navigating the Road of New Motherhood Brain Child's Greatest Hits Beyond One: Growing a Family and Getting a Life Dispatches fromt the Not-so-Perfect Life Child of Mine: Original Essays on Becoming a Mother Room to Grow : Parents...
I need some warm fleece lined boots with soft soles for my baby. Robeez makes them but literally every baby in my town is wearing them! I know its probably stupid but I hate to be the same! I tried a pair of baby Uggs on her which looked adorable but didn't stay on because her ankles are chubby & I couldn't get them tight enough. Any other suggestions?
I had my 2nd child 5 months ago and I'm the heaviest I've ever been. I think I could lose the weight if I started being more careful about what I eat. Problem is, I have a major sweet tooth! When the kids go to bed, I love to binge on sweets. It literally calms me when I feel frenzied. My whole life, I could get away with it and now I can't anymore. Does anyone have any tips for getting over it?
I'm answering my own post here....here's some from Pax Christi "The Earth is too small a star, and we too brief a visitor upon it, for anything to matter more than the struggle for peace" Colman McCarthy "Peace I leave you, but not as the world gives" (words of Jesus somewhere in the Bible) "May all creation reap the hope born in the breath of the Nonviolent Teacher of Peace" "May the Spirit of Jesus encourage and guide us to follow the path of nonviolence and...
My 2nd was harder - she was fussier and more sensitive to over-stimulation. Everyone told me 2nd babies are easier because they are more flexible since you can't revolve everything around them the way you did with the 1st. This was not the case with us. I've come to believe that temperment has nothing to do with birth order therefore, how can you predict how its going to be with your 2nd? You could luck out and get an easy baby, who knows? Edited to add: Though I will...
I really want to include some inspiring message about peace on our xmas cards this year. Any ideas? Thanks!
I have a stash of SOS diapers that are used...some have light stains and fraying on the jersey outside. Some are in excellent condition. All of them are lined with organic cotton sherpa on the inside. What should I ask for them, anyone know? Thanks!
What are your favorites? I like the one that just says "F" the President (mocking the 'W' The President sticker adorned by some.)
I'm collecting quotes for dd's scrapbook - what are some of your favorites about motherhood, childbirth, raising kids in general? Thanks!
Around here each town has downtown trick or treating & fesitivities on different days (usually the weekend) and then plain old neighborhood trick or treating on the 31st. Unless of course the 31st falls on a Sunday then people trick or treat on Saturday because there are so many fundamentalists around! It gets kind of confusing.
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