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I don't have a doula rec for you, but wanted to encourage you--I got the natural VBAC I wanted last week at MMH with Avalon... And I think there were a couple other VBACs with them last week, too! I didn't have a doula after a lot of thinking--I had a doula with my C/S. This time it was just me and DH, who sort of acted like one. Of course, that was just my situation. Good luck finding a great doula and you can have a VBAC!
I'm in... having lots of contractions here and there but nothing that goes anywhere. Last night I was up, sweating, between 2-3am with major cramping and then finally got back to sleep to find nothing happening today, again. I'm 39 weeks but racing against the C-section clock (Nov. 2).
I'm still here, too (EDD 10/26)... and trying to be calm about it. Went for acupressure on Friday and nothing, so I'm going to go again tonight. Actually, I wouldn't have any problem being calm about it if it weren't for the fact that due to my gestational diabetes, the midwives "had" to schedule a C/S for November 2 (41 weeks). Ugh--I really want a VBAC. If I have to have a C/S, I want it to be because it's needed after a trial of labor, not for some stupid...
Thanks so much for the info! I *am* with Avalon, so I guess I'll bring it up at my next appt. and see how feasible it is. I would like to pay to store it, but we really can't afford it... therefore, I would like to at least donate because it seems a waste. eepster, did you donate or store yourself? I'm wondering if that's what accounts for the difference in treatment?
Thanks... I'll be at Morristown, too. Did you contact LifeBank USA directly in advance, or did you work through your midwife? (Sorry, I'm just not sure about the process.)
We go to Dr. Jill Meyer in Suffern, NY... very nice, and we found out about her when she presented at the Rockland County Holistic Moms Network a few years ago. HTH!
Does anyone have any thoughts aout or experiences with donating cord blood in NJ? We can't afford to bank the cord blood, but I see now that we could donate it, which I would like to do. I saw this link: http://www.state.nj.us/health/fhs/do...ochure_eng.pdf ...so I can call one of the two numbers listed on that brochure this week. I did some searching and know that I'm not at a NJ "participating hospital," but maybe there are some other options?
I had GD with DS 5 years ago and was able to control it well with diet, so I didn't have to go on medication or insulin. This time I also have GD but it seems like it's harder to control. My after-meal numbers are all pretty good, especially after breakfast, but the fasting numbers have been in the 90-110 range. I still have a record of all my numbers and everything I ever ate between 28-40 wks with DS (I was a nerd obsessed). I am doing the exact same things--if...
Hmmm... I'm gonna guess: 10/20 girl (don't know gender now but everyone in my family wants a girl) 8 lbs. 12 oz. (DS and I were both 8 lbs. 10 oz so I'm thinking another larg-ish baby is on the way).
It is frustrating, isn't it? We didn't know the gender with DS (and we don't with this one either) so we have a lot of yellow and green outfits that people bought in the newborn size... which is nice for this pregnancy now that I've gotten them out of the box! I'm sure it will be all blue or all pink once the baby is born. Sigh... I have a friend from Japan who claims that the baby/kid clothing there is not as gendered as it is here. Our culture sure does insist on...
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