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No playground that is walkable in our n'hood, but I do allow our 7 and 5 yo DD's to roam our street. There are always kids out playing, plus we know almost everyone on the street. One of the little girls (she's 9) carries around a walkie talkie so she can keep her parents up to speed on where she is. I love that idea and think that would be a great way to know your kids are safe at the park. Additonally, I always walk outside every 15-20 minutes and check in with my...
I heard about the Wal-Mart incident. How scary for that 9yo girl. But really, I actually do think 9yo is old enough to be left alone in the toy section for a few minutes while the parent shops for other things (assuming the child is comfortable w/ that). I don't know...my oldest is 7 and she and my 5 yo play outside, alone, for long periods of time. Of course, we live in a safe neighborhood, non-busy street,tons of kids always out playing, know everyone, etc.And yes, I...
My kids are 7 and 5 now. I think my 7 yo would be able to handle 4-5 nights away from me, only if she were with her grandparents. In fact, they've asked to take her for a month in June to their summer home. I said no, because I don't think I am ready for that. Maybe next summer. For sleep-away camp, I'd say around 8 or 9 she'd be ready. It would be hard on me though. My younger daughter will probably follow the same path. Maybe 8 or 9 yo before she'll be ready. ...
I agree with her! I am very comfortable using the word vagina because it seems to be so common these days. I just don't think to use the more specific names like vulva or labia. When my girls have an issue or question, they use the word vagina. If I need more information, I'll ask them to tell me where (inside or outside) and we go from there.
I'll put my broccoli casserole up against anyone's, working or not.
All excellent points, Hildare.
I think that Mama2ChicknLil was actually being sarcastic in her response about it being "adorable". Of course it's a very serious situation that so many households require all of the parents to work outside the home. I felt that the video about working moms and obesity rates was suggesting that a lot of us work outside the home because we want to, rather than recognizing that many of us do not have a choice.
http://shine.yahoo.com/work-money/working-mothers-healthier-study-220400211.html I thought this was very interesting.
Not my dog, but my parents 3yo golden doodle who stays with us about 4 weeks a year while my parents travel. She likes to eat the lizards that live peacefully in our screened lanai, out by the pool. I have to chase her around yelling things like "Sammie, don't eat the lizards!" or "Hey! Spit that lizard out!" The worst is aftermath. For weeks after she's gone, I'm cleaning up half chewed lizards from around our pool area. Poor things....
This. But I don't want to control what my kids play with. I never have. They play with what they like and what they don't like gets donated. i just don't make a big deal out of it.
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