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AP does not mean being with your child 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If that were true, it would be impossible for parents who work outside the home (and in most cases this is at least one parent in the household, sometimes two) be be AP'ers. And we all know that is not the case. It's healthy to have someone you trust to care for your children once in awhile, given you and your child/baby are both comfortable.
This is an excellent post. Thank you.
Not at all! If the party is only two hours and there are gifts for two kids, it would take up half the time of the party just to open gifts. My kids are 7 and 5 and we've had maybe 8 birthday parties between them. We haven't opened gifts at any of their parties. I feel that birthday gifts have become too much of the focus at kid's parties these days. And from what I've seen, it creates an environment of greed and envy and jealousy in children who are normally super...
OP here. Thanks for so many thoughtful and helpful responses.DH and I are feeling much better after taking the afternoon and evening to read this thread and talk over the whole situation. First off, this was NOT discussed in front of DD either at the ped's office or at home. The kids were playing in a separate room at the doctor's office so that the ped and I could talk. DH and I have agreed this will not be talked about with anyone else including friends, family,...
Up until today I totally loved our ped. She owns the only holistic ped practice within 250 miles of us. For years, she has been supportive of our choices, non-judgemental, offering natural alternatives, etc. I think that's one of the reasons I'm so worried. It's like, if she thinks it's a big deal, it must be. She is not over-reactive by nature (quite the opposite actually). Thanks for the reply and reassurance.
I am so confused, mamas. We just returned from our pediatrician's office where DD had her 5yr check-up. The ped was shocked to see the jump in her percentile in the BMI category, from 70th% last year to 97th percentile this year. Ped is worried about obesity. DD is a solid kid but never in a million years would I consider her obese. She weighs 56.8lbs and is 47 inches tall. She turned 5 two weeks ago. She is incredibly active, eats healthy and organic and seems to...
+1I'm amazed at the extreme overreactions on this thread. Good grief; divorce your husband for being hungover? That's just crazy.
Of course? Why not? My second DD's first food was homemade guacamole with japepenos and all! Aside from a few allergen foods (which studies are now showing that not waiting might actually decrease the allergy), I fed my kids whatever I was eating from the time they started solids. I just cut it up really small or mashed it and let them have it.
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