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Big Southland fans here.  DH and I really got into this series last year after it moved from NBC to TNT.  We were really big fans of The Shiled on FX until the series ended several years ago.  This is the first cop show that has even come close to being as raw and edgy as The Shield.  I really believe the characters in this show and hope that Season 3 is just as good.
Five Smooth Stones by Ann Fairbairn - about a black man and a white women who fall in love during the civil rights movement.  Amazing story!   Downtown by Ann Rivers Siddons - about an naive white girl turned civil rights activist in Atlanta in the 60's.  One of my favorites, although a little fluffy.
I coudn't agree more about the breastfeeding.  I was angry with some of the reactions of her family about this.  The Grandma seemed clueless and a little detached in general; that bugged me.  I think about this book all the time, trying to imagine what it must've been like, having a baby, toddler and then child in those circumstances.  I was really surprised at how much I loved this book.
OP, what a nice update!  So glad everyone was able to come to a compromise without hurt feelings.   BTW, you have a gorgeous family!  :)
You've gotten some good advice, OP.  I just wanted to offer my support and encourage you to trust your mama instinct.  If you feel like something is wrong, then it is.  Pursue it...don't take no for an answer.  Sounds like he might need a medical doctor to help get his body back in shape and a counselor or therapist who specializes in eating disorders or anxiety.  (((hugs)))  Please update when you can.
OP, respectfully I think you are wrong.  I find it rude to not graciously accept any gift from anyone.  Your MIL is clearly coming from a loving and caing place...just trying to find something that could make your daughter happy one day.  I would never tell a gift giver that their gift is unacceptable and that they need to return it.  That's just me.  Now, if your MIL asked first and you gave her a list of acceptable options and she went the plastic, battery-operated...
THINGS I WISH I'D BOUGHT FROM THE BEGINNING * cloth diapers * a better carseat/stroller (we lived in a very urban area so a stroller was necessary)  * waterproof baby carrier for the pool (like this)  * better sling (I had two but I couldn't nurse in either; I have since upgraded) * Amby baby bed (never bought one but always thought they would be a good alternative in the bedroom when baby wasn't sleeping with me)   THINGS I'M GLAD I DIDN'T WASTE MY MONEY...
I haven't read any replies yet...   My parents live about 15min away and see the kids 2-4 times a week.  My mom has lunch with DD#1 at school about once a month.  About once a month the kids spend the night at their house.  At least one other time a month my parents babysit for us while we go out.  They are almost as important in their live as we are.    My MIL lives one hour away.  She comes up once or twice a month to see the kids.  She'll usually have dinner...
I love stocking stuffers.  Here are some things I've done in the past or will do this year.  The books, cds, movies, etc. are usually bought used.   socks underwear toothbrushes toothpaste coloring books markers "natural" nail polish seeds (kids want a small-ish veggie garden next year) lip balm sidewalk chalk jump ropes mittens/hats/scarf organic fruit snacks travel cups or Kleen Kanteen type thermos for lunchbox small...
Anyone watch the finale tonight?  All I will say is that I was very happy with who won.  It was a good season.  The previews for next season look interesting!  Starts on January 4th.
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