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I'm trying to find a blog of a mama who posts/used to post at MDC.  Is it ok if I post my question in TAO (or any forum you see fit) in hopes someone can help me find the name of the blog?  Thanks!
Exactly.  I own a small, natural cafe and you'd be amazed at what things are acceptable in a commercial kitchen (LOL - not in my kitchen though...just in talking to our health inspector).  You need evidence of bugs, obvious fecal matter, spilled chemicals, etc. to be shut down.  Everything else is a violation which will be reviewed upon the next visit.  Honestly, it doesn't sound like that big of a deal to me, if the manager was honest in saying it was only a day old. ...
I do.  Actually, I call her Ma and I alternate between calling her that and her first name.  That's what everyone calls her..even growing up, DH's friends called her Ma.  It just sort of wore off on me and about 2 years ago I started catching myself calling her Ma every now and again.  Now, it's about 50/50.  She works for us too so I've got to be careful not to call her Ma at work!  :) 
I was just recently having the same problem.  I downloaded a free trial of a transfer program, which can take everything from your iPod or iPhone and transfer it to your computer.  It worked perfectly.   http://www.ipod2computer.com/index.php?SRC=42   Good luck!
Personally, I love food.  I subscribe to the Food Network Magazine and it is excellent, so that would be my vote!
Yep.  I think you are over-reacting.  
Any chance you can travel at night?  DH and I will switch off drivers throughout the night so the kids sleep through the majority of the trip.  From NY to Orlando is longer than we're used to (10 hours) but would still help.  Also, the DVD player is a life saver.   As for things to do in/near Orlando:   St. Augutine (nation's oldest city - great attractions and kids activities) - 1 1/2 hours NE of Orlando Space Coast (home to Kennedy Space Center, nice beaches...
Really?  Asking a friend for help is weird?   I'm not a single mom, but DH works.  I often rely on my friends for help and they rely on me.  And that's what makes us such a strong commnuity of families.  I understand that you like to bring your kids everywhere, but don't they get bored sometimes?  My kids would much rather play at the neighbors house for an hour while I run errands, than to be dragged all over the place with me.  And honestly, my kids are often easier to...
Asking another parent to watch your kids so you can run errands, go to the doctor, etc. is not rude at all.  It is common among my group of friends and neighbors.  We all help each other out whenever we can.  It takes a village and all that stuff, you know?  All moms need a break, even if that break is grocery shopping.  As long as you have friends you trust, that are willing and that encourage reciprocation, I see no problem at all.   Now that being said, I would...
Anyone read this yet?  I'm about 1/2 way through and can't put it down.  It's written from a 5 year old's perspective and while this was a turn off for me before I read the book, I now can't imagine it any other way.  I'm both horrified and intrigued with the plot of the novel.  Plus, at 5yo he's still being nursed by Mama, which I love.    Here's a review:   http://articles.latimes.com/2010/sep/29/entertainment/la-et-book-20100929
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