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Well, I don't really see it as being creepy-more just adding to the magic of the season. I love seeing the Santa Claus in the department stores and such, maybe because it reminds me so much of Christmas for me, as a child. I also think of the movie A Christmas Story and how funny the Santa scene is. Now, I do think the older kids (I dunno, like 10 or 12) sitting on Santa's lap is a little weird. That being said, I would never force my kids to sit on his lap, or...
Quote: Originally Posted by UUMom At the moment, 50 First Dates. OMG-at the end when she's watching the video and her daughter comes over and she hugs her. It breaks my heart everytime, thinking about that little girl with a mom who wakes up every morning and doesn't know who she is.
Kathy, have you deciced on a place to stay yet? We just took the kids a few months ago and found an awesome resort about 15 minutes from Disney. They are condos and have 2 or 3 bedrooms and the price was so reasonable. Even DH (who find something wrong with everything!) thought this place was great, especially when traveling with kids. The units have full, well-equiped kitchens, 2 bathrooms, screened balconys/porches, dining room, etc. The resort has a pool and a...
Mamas, I need some help. Recently I have started experiencing terrible hair breakage. To the point where hair that was once down to my chin has broken off so that it is only a few inches long. It looks like I have bangs, but I don't. Does that make sense? I need some suggestions for natural remedies to help repair my hair and to stop it from breaking. Please help. Thanks!
Apron Strings - Everything But The Girl This Woman's Work - Kate Bush I Will - The Beatles When You Say Nothing At All - Ronan Keating or Allison Krauss All of these are beautiful songs (maybe try Amazon or iTunes to listen to clips) that fit well with birth and the connection between babies and parents.
Here are some of my favorite tear jerkers: Radio Flyer Terms of Endearment Million Dollar Baby My Life The Other Sister Untamed Heart
Here are the two pics I used in our card this year: Girls Family
OK, I just checked the DH forum on ABC. Here's the general concensus: Warning :: Spoiler Ahead! Highlight to read message!The promos said that a husband and a friend would be lost. The husband is Victor and the friend is Ida. G*d, I hope so. I don't think I could continue to watch if anything has happened to Lynette's family!
Somebody post dammit! I really need to discuss tonight's episode. Without spoiling anything, the only thing I can say is that I'm shaking! I have no idea what the next espisode will bring!
Quote: Originally Posted by MilkTrance Same! What year did you marry? We married in 2002. Ha! Us too. September 28th. You?
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