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I installed a shelf above the washer/dryer and put a box for each family member, plus 1 for sheets/towels and 1 for ironing. Now I can do a load of laundry and put in away in 5 minutes. Once a week each family member has to take their box and put their clothes away. The boxes are also great for unpacking after trips or odd items left lying around downstairs.
Our school is looking for a native English speaking Montessori teacher who has good knowledge of French.
Our school is looking for a full-time and a part-time Montessori teacher for next fall. Must be a native English speaker and have good knowledge of French. Ecole Montessori Châtel-St-Denis Canton de Fribourg (Suisse) cherche pour rentrée scolaire 2009-2010 enseignant(e) primaire pour enfants 6-12 ans, activité 100% enseignant(e) primaire pour enfants 6-12 ans, activité 50% ou plus Formation Montessori exigée Possibilité de formation en cours...
I would say to go ahead and do it. My kids speak English with me, German with dh, and French at school and with their friends in the neighborhood. They're totally fine with it. Even if you're not planning on staying for more than 2 years, she'll file away all those sounds and vocabulary in her brain and later on, if she chooses to learn italian, she'll have an easier time with the accent.
I love the idea of the personalized notecards, thanks! I think I will do some post-its and notepads. Great idea
If you're really fertile, I suggest you completely abstain during fertile times. We were using condoms at fertile times (for years with no problems) and then the condom broke at a really bad time. I just got a copper iud as an emergency contraceptive.
I've been charting for years and it worked just fine...until the condom broke at a really bad time! It happened on Friday, and I ovulated on Saturday, and given my history I'm pretty sure number 4 would have been on the way. I called by gyn first thing this morning and had the copper iud put in a few hours ago. I had been considering it for months but had never gotten around to making a decision. I hope I made the right one. At least it's easily reversible, unlike a...
I'm looking for someone who practices Haptonomy in North Carolina. I'm actually looking for my sister who lives in Western North Carolina, in Morganton. She's 5 weeks pregnant and lost her daughter to SIDS last year, and think she could really benefit from this approach. Please pm me if you have any information. Thanks! Carolyn
Have you seen the YouTube video of the cat using the toilet? I really want to learn how to train a cat to do this! We've been petless for 2 years now since our cat died, but thinking of maybe adopting a cat sometime soon. The cat poop issue is really a problem.
In reading your post, I can see that you are really in pain right now. I can't pretend to have any answers for you, but I instinctively feel that you are absolutely on the right path in thinking that you will find the way out on the spiritual path. Have your read "The Power of Now"? I'm not usually one to recommend books, but this one really led me in the right direction. If you're at rock bottom and don't know what else to do, please give it a try.
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