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Ok, I'm encouraged!! What is a FCB Nightlight and HH?
I need to get my site up and running before February. I'm in Switzerland, but the work can very well be done anywhere. It's a bilingual site and what I'd like to do is set up a database of some sort in order to present our catalog of products. We are currently working with only a paper catalog. Ideally, someone would set up the database and then I could do the upkeep myself. Maybe I'm dreaming....would this be possible? We are NOT selling from the site, so I don't...
We cosleep and breastfeed all night, but one thing I don't do too often is change diapers in the middle of the night. Go ahead a criticize me as a typical disposable user who doesn't change diapers enough! I want to CD this time around, but I know that I'm a grouchy, horrible mom if I don't get my sleep. Is it possible to CD without getting up multiple times to change diapers? If so, what should I use? I'm leaning towards kissaluvs with some kind of cover (?) for the...
I'm just getting started with cloth, so this thread is great for me. This is will be my 3rd but my first time using cloth. I'll be reading!!!
:LOL I'll make sure my father-in-law gets a full serving.
Has anyone tried making fermented carrots? I started mine 2 days ago and now they are bubbling in the jar. I don't want to poison my family!! I made my husband try a bit since I'm pregnant and didn't want to risk anything. He said they were ok, but ??? The whey I used was not completely clear...kindof cloudy looking because I probably didn't wait long enough with my buttermilk. My in-laws are coming for lunch tomorrow. Should I risk serving them?
Make sure you save a few of the seeds for planting next spring! I'll be looking for some.
Feeding dairy cows large amounts of grain changes the fat make-up of the milk, leading to an imbalance of fatty acids in our diet. Milk from grass-fed cows (without grain supplementation) contains large amounts of omega-3 fatty acid as well as CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). CLA is a unique fatty acid found almost exclusively in ruminant animal and dairy fats. CLA has been shown to have powerful anticarcinogenic properties and tends to normalize body fat deposition. Many...
Consider yourselves lucky - here in switzerland it's at least $9 a pound directly from the farmer and $20 in the store. Yikes! The swiss spend the most per year for groceries in the ENTIRE WORLD. So much for eating cheaply.
Cook them in the soaking liquid!
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