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I used to resell the Mamaponcho on my site, but recently stopped because I find them really expensive and I found them to be a bit restrictive. I think they have recently added arm holes to the sides, which should help. If $$ is not an issue for you, the quality is excellent. Have you tried asking someone you know who knits? There are a lot of simple patterns available for ponchos, and you could pick your colors.
All 3 of mine were breech. #1 externval version at 36 weeks, normal hospital delivery #2 external version at 36 weeks, homebirth #3 accupuncutre and moxibustion starting at 32 weeks, turned after 3 treatments, homebirth. Wish I that I had had the confidence to try the accupunture from the start!
I have left my grains in the fridge for up to one month. I take them out, rinse, and add about 2 cup milk per tbsp of kefir grains. The longer it has been in the fridge, the longer it will take to reactivate and it may take up to 36 hours before the first batch "post-fridge".
Once a week I use the steamer and then wipe with a microfiber cloth. Since I stopped using cleaning products it seems to stay cleaner in between. I think the soap residue attracts dirt. I agree about drying it, it makes all the difference.
Does anyone know how to make flour from wheat sprouts? My sprouts are ready, but I don't know if I need to dry them first and then put them in the grain mill, or if I should grind them wet in the blender? Any ideas?
Sorry I don't have anything to add but I would like to find out more about this.
There is a new generation of clothes dryers out that have an energy rating of A+. They have a built in heat exchanger that works kind of like an air conditioner in reverse and allows you to dry your clothes at very low temperatures. They're much better for your clothes, allow you to dry materials that you couldn't normally put in the dryer, and you save 50% or more on electricity. I don't know how much they cost in the US, but over here they're the same price as a regular...
Yes I agree with you about the fabric. It stays just like new and amazingly soft, wash after wash.
We're in Switzerland too (Hi Olivia, I don't think we've met!) and our kids are learning 3 languages. My 6 year old is fluent in English, Swiss German, and French. My 3.5 year old has been a lot slower with language development than his brother, but he's speaking all 3 at about the same level. Their sister is 14 months and not saying much yet. We are very strict with OPOL and I'm pretty sure that has been the key to preventing mixing languages. Will be checking...
I think have a trim fit, but I'm no expert on diapers. I also use Bumkins AIO and these are as trim as those. Don't know if that helps!
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