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Hi there, I think i've posted this before, but lets try again. Put food in trucks and eat it yourself, then offer him some and. Then find any toy that is dishwasher safe or in the sink safe. Let him eat with an over size spoon. Let him drink the last milk right out of the container!! Yes your mother in law will faint!!! Do any thing upside down - dinner plate - lunch ect. Get some cookie cutters and let him cut his sandwich in these shapes and one for mamma too!! ...
Hi there, Just trying to get Sears Canada to do the same!
hi 308wood, Have you tried hypnosis??? You can check the yellow pages for help. How about workouts in a club 2 times a week? Take care, silving
Hi to all mamas. I have had a very bad case of this breast infection. 40c in fever - breast was very hard and red. My sn was only 2 weeks old. This is what my natur - path. Midwife gave me PHYTOLACCA OIL. IT IS TOXIC - SO MAKE SURE THE NATURE-PATH SHOWS YOU HOW TO APPLY IT. I call it my miracle oil. take care silving
Hi there, It sounds like you're writting about my first son. My husband would go in and pick him up and give him a cup of water (10 months old at this point), during the night and yes he did cry, but I had to get some sleep before he turned 1. At this stage she does not need the milk for growing, it just tasts great and it is mamma. Your husband have to get more involved when it comes to your well-being. Either that, or you buy a one-way ticket to Hawaii. Try to...
Hi Mamaduck Can you send him to our house???? Silving
Hi there. Try some dobble sided tape and hang it up where the kids can't get to it. Or put a small amount of glue on a paper plate. This is what my grandfather use to do. Silving
Hi there. Yes try vinegar. Put a huge pot of vinegar on the stove and warm it up, while the whole family cleans the house. My friend had this problem and here is what she did. Remove all curtains, and curtain rods. Any platic. Check the fridge door lining. Washed door frames with bleach. Replaced all inside doors, as they will suck up any odor. Replaced all basebords. Cig smoke and the nigo is very hard to get rid of. If you paint, be sure to just paint a...
Hi Out there. It sure sounds like FIL needs to hear the house rules. AND OBEY!!!! If this is too hard for FIL, then he can not visit until the kids are old enough to know the he is wrong. You have to protect the kids, regard less of FIL feelings and immature attitude. Years ago, I poured a bucket of water over someone who had the nerve to smoke in my house, after I had asked him to step outside. "Well, it's a f#@* free country" He said. "i agree" I said, "and...
Hi there. ABSOLUTLY no smoke around our baby, 19 months. The nico still stays on your hands and in your clothes and hair. Where there is smoke - there is a fire! Pure some water over them! Silving
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