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i've read here on these boards, i believe, that there is a homebirth midwife in cockeysville who recently moved to the area.  annie rodriquez.  i don't have any further info.  but maybe trying searching the threads with her name?  hth someway.
you're welcome!! :) baltap = baltimore attachment parenting.  members involved practice & are interested in a wide range of attachment sensitive parenting (and natural parenting).  see link for more info and to join.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/baltap/     
A playground playgroup organized through Baltap just started up again for the warmer weather season.  Tuesday 9:30-11:30 (give or take) at Riderwood Hills Playground just next to Kenilworth Mall in Towson, south of 695 between York and Charles.  It's on the reminder calendar for Baltap.  Feel free to email me with questions.  There's also a couple other organized playgroups posted on Baltap yahoo group you may want to check out as well. HTH! :))   
Yes, I have but I go to someone out-of-state when I'm visiting friends and family.  I feel it helped with a successful vbac.  I've been a few times since then and will continue.  Once we moved to md I saw the only practioner in md was very far from where we live and very expensive.  I know the woman I go to said a study on the technique has found shorter labors, more successful vaginal/natural births.  maybe check the main website for maya abdominal massage to see if...
Tibeca I know you already know about this, this is for other posters. There is an ongoing playgroup we recently started via Baltap (Baltimore Attachment Parenting Yahoo Group) close to Cockeysville. All the details are on Baltap. Feel free to pm me with anything else. It's hard moving to a new area, we've been here for almost a year now. We live close to Cockeysville.
oops. meant to change a word and update and i ended up deleting. in any case, it wasn't a boil just a minor infection and is resolving great-finally!! and no issues. gotta love herbal salve too.
Just wanted to update that we got a place in Timonium, close to the light rail for dh to ride to work. We're moving next weekend. I really just narrowed down our list of what we wanted (from our original list) to just a few items based upon our rental choices. The place we got is short or long term depending on how we like it and as we explore/learn about area first hand. If anyone is nearby and/or is interested in meeting at a playground/park to play pm me. We are...
momto2sweetboys: Thanks for all the info. and link! That's so helpful and the area sounds great. I'll have to add it to the list of places to check out in person as we are figuring out where to live.
Thanks everyone again for the responses. : I'm waiting to be added to some of the yahoo groups that were suggested. lillymonster- the links on pt were sooo helpful. You're the best! Pm'ing you. homewithtwinsmama- thanks for the info. on your community too. Pm'ing you as well. ezcc-I'm also looked into the link that you suggested. Anyone else have info. on the surrounding Baltimore area and good places to live that would fit the details from my op? I see...
Thanks again for the information. We would be moving for a job dh would have in Downtown Baltimore. Although not ideal given the job location, we want to be well outside the city in a town. We both lived in a large city for years and made a switch to funky & progressive small town well before having children. This means a bit of a commute for dh however for us, our living situation was so much better for this stage of our life. We don't have to drive much at all for...
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