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DS will be 8 at the end of the month is angry most of the time.  He stomps, slams doors, screams, rolls eyes, covers his ears when someone is talking, and is generally angry.  More so when we ask him to do something - brush his teeth, put his plate in the kitchen, do his homework, anything.  This morning was absolutely dreadful getting ready for school.  He was mad that I asked him to take his blankets and stuffed animals in his room (asked at the same time everyday) and...
We really enjoyed Great Wolf Lodge, I would say it's geared towards younger kids, maybe 8 and under.
Honestly, I couldn't imagine sitting for the CPA and being able to pass with an "Accounting Certificate."  Most people who sit have their masters and will still take the test more than once to pass.  If it were me I'd go for the Bachelor's in Accounting if your long term goal is a Masters in Accounting.
I loved my Freestyle, much more than my PISA. Make sure all the pieces are dry when put together and that the bottles are attached tightly. If that doesn't do the trick keep calling Medela, it doesn't take more than a few calls to customer service before they over night you a new pump motor.
get in touch with Chris Plamann http://www.christineplamann.com/
Quote: Originally Posted by milmama Hi! Claudia Koch at Bayview family practice is very lecture-free. However, not all doctors/nurse practicioners at that practice are, so make sure if you go, you only get scheduled with Dr. Koch. She's our family doc as well, and we her, but last I heard she's not taking new clients. We've seen others at the clinic as well and haven't had a bad experience to speak of.
We were in the same boat with DS, vaxd until about 2 and haven't done any since. He's in MPS this year for 4K. I made the decision to just check the philosophical objection and not list any vaxs that he had already received. I figured it would be much better received taking this route and we've never been questioned about vaxing.
Wirth Aquatic Center has a zero depth pool and a 50m pool Betty Brinn Children's Museum Children's Play Gallery Flabbergast indoor bouncy house and arcade The Big Backyarn
The birth center in Menomonee Falls carries them. http://www.well-roundedmaternity.com/
I'm a cost accountant, working Tues-Thur 8 hour days, and am trying to figure out how to change my schedule for next school year to make things work better when DS's school hours change. I LOVE the flexibility I have and the people I work with but I HATE the job.
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