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I understand your concerns; I hate driving in these winter storms as well. But I also understand that it's the nature of the job. If you made the agreement to attend her birth, then that's a committment you should follow through on. Whether you are getting paid or not shouldn't make a difference in terms of following through with your job. She is planning on you being there, and you agreed to do it for free. Solutions for the future are to either not take clients due...
Try searching facebook for the "VBAC and cesarean support group". They meet in Kalamazoo and would probably have some recommendations. There's also an ICAN chapter in Grand Rapids.
How far are you from Mio? Laurie Zoyiopoulos is a homebirth midwife that has an office there. It would be worth it to give her a call and see if she serves your area. I know that she would be happy to answer your questions. Her website is www.faithfulguardiansmidwifery.com
I'm not sure. My guess is that if any hospitals did, it would be U of M in Ann Arbor or Henry Ford in West Bloomfield. I'd start by checking with those places. Please let us know what you find out.
Is Ann Arbor too far for you tallulahma? If not, you could try Amanda Kaufman. She's family practice and integrative medicine.
I've been away from that area for a few years, but for a dentist, we used to see Dr. Nyquist in Royal Oak. We liked him and they are very familier with holistic modalties. You should be able to find his website easy enough with google. I can't really answer your other question because it seems like the peds that I've heard good things about are female, while the family practice docs are male...opposite of what you are looking for.
There is a hospital in South Haven, which I think is about a half hour from Holland, that offers midwives and waterbirth.
A few of my friends have had excellent things to say about George Nicoloff. He's a family practice doc in Novi
There is a group in Sault Ste Marie that might be helpful. If you're on facebook, look up Chippewa Breastfeeding Education and Support Team. I know there's at least 1, and possibly 2 or 3, lactation consultants up there. HTH!
There are definitely babywearing and nursing moms here, and there's a Marquette natural parenting facebook page where people arrange get togethers, share info, etc...
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