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say wha?
Wait, do you mean no period or anaarchist?
Quote: Originally Posted by Valkyrie9 That's purely ridiculous. You might as well be mandating that kids pray to the flag. Isn't it somewhat similar? I think so. I always said 'amen' after the pledge when I was a child, it felt like a damn prayer. I didn't pray otherwise, being an atheist, but it totally seemed like a prayer.
I wouldn't worry about it, it's just a word. I have "resuscitated" babies where I just dried them off with blankets and looked at their color. I have resuscitated babies with intubation. I think it is sortof a catch-all phrase for the initial steps in NRP, as linked to above. So while it may not have been the dictionary definition of the word, it is just a word we, at least where I work, throw out there whenever we recieve a fresh newborn baby. I think you are reading...
Raene, would you please come back and clarify this? It has some of us quite confused and concerned. Quote: Originally Posted by Raene People all feel differently about PKU. For us, the brochure we were given sounded silly, it's an extra ouch for baby, and if we found out there was a problem we wouldn't do anything differently. So...it's unnecessary in our family. I can see how it might be helpful for people who are more pro-meds and pro-docs, though, if...
LOLOL sara, brilliant. Atheist Jew here- never a problem ever admitting I'm not a christian. I never did or ever said I was in the first place. Meh, no biggeh
I was never a believer. I was raised Jewish. But more like "remember you're a JEW!!!!" but no one spoke of god. My parents were atheists. And a god never made sense. I tried in jr high to believe cuz I was jealous of my friends, but I could never wrap my mind around it. Quote: Originally Posted by EFmom I'm a believer in science and data. Over time, it just became obvious to me that there is exactly zero evidence that there is a god. Nothing that...
Oh hell no.
Jesus that was clear as mud. I've had wine. I should come back with clarity. But logic is logic, and we treated our symbolic logic as solid as maths assuming we agreed on the premises. Our axioms were standard math. A=A. etc. this is from a beginning level, and wiki... I mean, basic... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First-order_logic
Quote: Originally Posted by Thao I tried reading about the incompleteness theorem and it's making my head spin! Does it only apply to mathematics, or does it apply to logical arguments as well? If it applies to logical arguments, it is a problem only for the naturalist worldview or for all logical worldviews? Please use simple language! (if you can) Yes! It applies to both. But they are both "mathematical" , but the can be used for any...
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