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YEAY!!! I'm going to have to stat stalking the post office again!!!
jj~ I have fleece, and though it may be to young, perhaps I could put a spin no it and add buttons? a zipper? snaps? shoestrings? I could make the block,say, 6x6? Joann's has though large primary colored buttons, and I can get the rest of the supplies anywhere. Right on mamas!!! Cool ideas!
Ah..now I see, and I completely understand and respect your feelings
Excellent point Daryl! And hey, tomorrow is Saturday(my personal day!) so that would be great to do!
WOW! Sherri! That is the same thing we are going through! Nothing calms her! how sad if it is night terrors. And yes it does seem to affect us more than it does her. She will wake in the 'real' morning happy and well rested, but Mark and I are draggin our butts out of bed, with puffy eyes
For the past week or so Kailey has been waking every morning at about 2:30 - 3 am screaming and kicking. Does anyne have any ideas why this may be happening? And is anyone else going through this? We tried her in her own bed, but she still wakes up at the same time nightly. TIA
Oh good idea mama! I love that quilted fabric I have seen at hancocks so that would be a good idea. I actually want to make a diaper bag out of it for me. I could get enough to make a big one, then use what's left for a bag. Thanks again! Oh and maybe I could MAKE he a doll!
Well, our libraries suck! I found one book about Wicca, and that was to strange for me. Had nothing about Paganism. Tried finding books on Pagan celebrations etc, and nothing. We will have to buy these books, or download them. mark found out through IRC that you can download full books! So I am going to ask him to look up some titles for me! Thanks for the resources.
Removing post out of respect for OP
removing post out of respect for OP
New Posts  All Forums: