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I saw that about the religious exemption in California, and I think it's great that he asked for it to be added, but I wonder how it will be enforced? How many religions are there included and how do they keep track of their rules?
This is an old thread. It is really scary to think about what goes on in pharmaceutical and government offices to promote vaccines and to deny that they can cause harm. Enough said.
Except that I have several friends who delayed the MMR who noticed regression afterward, later as in 2 1/2 or 3. How do you explain that? Also, one whose older daughter was vaxxed until age 3 who has much more severe developmental issues than the younger one who was never vaxxed.
But not in West Virginia or Mississippi, two states with no religious or philosophical exemptions, and from what I hear, the medical exemptions are very difficult to obtain. Adults might be free to decline vaccinations unless they work in the health care or certain other fields where they will be required to have flu shots as well as TB tests (which can mean a TB vaccine and also antibiotics if they test positive).
My state (California) does not currently have a religious exemption, only a medical and philosophical one. They are thinking of adding a religious exemption to allow followers of certain religions to avoid a new requirement that those seeking exemptions must get a doctor's signature. In any case, at least in our state, you must either have an exemption or vaccinations both to attend public and private schools, and since homeschooling is only allowed through either a public...
Yeah, well, it didn't stop them from telling everyone to get their boosters, despite the fact that if they had been exposed a booster would not have helped. Who knows how many people are due for a booster and didn't actually have immunity. The Bay Area actually has a lot of unvaccinated people, but most of them are children, who generally don't ride BART.
The issue is that in the US, anyway, children are required to go to some sort of school, and all schools, both public and private (at least in California) must use the same requirements. If vaccines are required for school, and school is required, what you're saying is that all children will be required to be vaccinated, unless they have a medical exemption (which in many states is extremely hard to get, and is often only for the vaccine to which a child has already had a...
Apparently UNICEF has been monitoring this and a few other alternative health websites to determine who is anti-vaccine and why: http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/unicef-surveils-defames-health-sites-over-vaccines-greenmedinfo-motheringcom What does everyone think of this?
The name of the chat was "After the Diagnosis" and it's on the Life is Good 2011 Conference schedule, which is here: http://lifeisgoodconference.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/2011-schedule.htm Here is an essay written by Miriam: http://www.ageofautism.com/2009/06/life-as-an-extreme-sport.html
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