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I used them a lot for my first, because he was in diapers most of the time and it helped to hold them on and kept him from ending up bare around the middle when I picked him up under the armpits. With my second, we did EC, so it was less helpful.
Does Kindergarten start where you live when they are four? Here in the States it doesn't typically start until the child is 5  years old, usually by the first day of school or sometimes the end of September. Either way, it's at least a year away, so I wouldn't worry too much. It sounds like he has a lot of help and that he is progressing.
Whole life insurance is generally considered a bit of a scam, with term life insurance being the more thrifty. So that benefit, along with the fact that you could probably save a lot on a funeral by doing things yourself (I don't mean taking them and burying them, I mean all the arrangements and doing a cremation through a real coop), kind of makes keeping their life insurance...
I think it's just Yahoo being cheap, trying to find another way to divide people up, and a general insensitivity to fathers (and to deny that any role they play besides breadwinner is important). 
I am in East Richmond
I do too! Only in my case there are no AP moms close by -- they all live in wealthier neighborhoods that we can't afford or in neighborhoods that we wouldn't feel safe in (and still probably couldn't afford, ironically, since Berkeley is not only expensive but also high crime, lol).
I had similar symptoms as an adult, and it turned out to be eosinophilic esophagitis. Could also be reflux though. Might want to see a GI doctor. nak
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