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Just because a particular combination of molecules - a chemical - exists somewhere in some form in nature does not mean that creating an isolated version of it and injecting it directly into the body is safe. Studies have shown that synthetic vitamin A and synthetic beta carotene (or an isolated version of it) used as dietary supplements both can cause health problems (liver toxicity with vitamin A and worsening cancer prospects with beta carotene. That may be because...
talc can be a cheap fix for a squeaky floor.
Most of the drugs used in fertility treatments (at least the injections) have a lot of chemicals in them too, and moat are GMO
If you didn't develop immunity to CP from having had it, what are the chances that the vaccine will even work? Not saying that I completely doubt it, I just wonder. Some people seem to develop immunity more easily than others. I don't think I ever had chicken pox, at least not that I can recall (Both parents deceased and my baby book was lost, so I dont' know), but I still test as immune to it in my 40s (and never had the vax).
It's a lot like a religion, in that if you don't believe in it, questioning a believer will only get them angry.
I think that's one of the major dividing points between the pro-vax folks and the anti-vax folks: on the one hand, the pro-vax folks say that we will just develop new vaccines to the new strains, while the anti-vax folks say, it's kind of like an arms race, in which the vaccines are chasing quickly evolving organisms and in the mean time causing super bugs to develop, not to mention weakening our immune systems by messing with the way we develop immunity to viruses and...
The VAERS database itself even says that it is not an accurate measure of the number of adverse events: ""Underreporting" is one of the main limitations of passive surveillance systems, including VAERS. The term, underreporting refers to the fact that VAERS receives reports for only a small fraction of actual adverse events." https://vaers.hhs.gov/data/index
One more quick thing: it would help if the post had done statistics on the likelihood of getting a particular disease (or all diseases) and the percentage of those who have adverse events from those diseases (not including the vaccinated ones, of course).
Funny, I googled that statistic and got a couple of links that stated that 99.999% of guns are not used for violence (though I would bet that doesn't include hunting). Yet that doesn't stop many from being scared to death of guns. See: http://www.dailypaul.com/266567/99999-of-guns-owned-in-america-are-not-used-for-violence-here-are-some-objective-stats   That article you cited contained some broken links used to verify its calculations. For example, are there really...
The article posted by prosciencemum was more than just fluff, it is an attack piece on those who disagree with the mainstream medical point of view that vaccines are safe and effective. Oh and who is the author quoting when he/she quotes "question everything"?  It is scary to think of what might happen should certain diseases strike your family. Growing up, the family next door had one child who was born with several problems due to the mom's having had German measles...
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