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As far as sweeteners. I would go with fruit puree, molasses, or maybe stevia if you just want sweetness. Not sure about baking -- maybe rapadura?   Anyone have any luck making gluten free pasta? Threenorns, why vodka for the vanilla extract? Is that what they use commercially? I have that stuff. My father died from cirrhosis of the liver, and his drink of choice was vodka.
You might want to rethink that sweetener choice, unless you know for sure that the brown rice syrup is low in arsenic. Most is very high, since rice tends to concentrate it, and rice syrup is further concentrated. See: http://www.foodsafetynews.com/2012/02/brown-rice-syrup-puts-arsenic-in-those-organics/
Do you have pox parties, when one gets it and all their friends come by to get it from them?
The fact that I have talked to people whose children were vaccine damaged whose doctors refused to do anything or report their children's adverse vaccine reactions leads me to suspect that the figures are vastly under-reported. Situations like the child went into convulsions and passed out, then continued to have regular convulsions (with no family history of seizure disorder) and eventually die (a few years later).  I do know that I am still immune to rubella, and I...
I don't agree that children need to have parents make all their decisions about sleep until they are 12. I think that maybe in a world that expects them to be in bed, alone, at a specific time every night (to get up for daycare, etc.), that perhaps that might be true. But I am positive that until very recently that was not what was expected of them, and in changing our expectations without changing their wiring, we are setting them up for failure. There are plenty of...
Actually, new vaccines are not tested against a placebo, they are tested against an existing vaccine.
I wonder how anyone can claim that he is impartial when his job revolves around proving that vaccines are safe?
It's Memorial Day weekend. So next May is the next one. There is an unschooler gathering in Ohio (?) in the winter, and there is a radical unschooling convention in San Diego, which is (I think) in the summer.
That makes sense then -- my son was quite anxious about this dentist, and he gave him nitrous along with Novocaine (mind you, at the holistic dentist we used to see in WA, he never needed Novocaine (she preferred not to use it), much less nitrous, and he had quite a few fillings. I still am surprised he didn't consult with me before making this choice, but he was very brusque and didn't even tell me which teeth he would be working on -- acted like I was interfering or...
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