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So if a blanket on top of a plastic sheet is not a good surface, how do we protect the bed?
Ds doesn't want to see the birth, he's afraid there may be blood. So he will be with a friend instead. But in your situation it sounds like they are prepared and would be fine with it. Why doesn't he see this?
Wow, she's in the Nov DDC and already delivered? She beat me to it and I'm in the Oct. DDC. I'm due next week, 39 weeks this week. It's so hard to sleep these days!
I'm still pregnant, ladies. I'm 39 weeks, due next week, so it could be any day now! We tested out our birth pool, and the water was not really warm enough, so we will be boiling water on the stove. We tried to get the landlord to increase the water heater temp, and they say they aren't allowed to by state law. Sigh. Sometimes I sure wish we owned our home (but I'm glad we didn't get in over our heads).
I have read that most of the time, the cerebral palsy injuries happened long before birth.
Yeah, they have listeria in them. I have actually had several before finding out, and I never eat soft serve. I was craving it. I think it's better to make your own ice cream and eat it while it's still soft. I did have a friend who worked at some fast food place (it was either Wendy's or McDonald's I think), who said the shake machine was always full of roaches. Ew!
I hadn't even thought of a heating pad as bad during pg, although I tend to avoid them because of the EMF radiation. Chiropractic and physical therapy help my back. I have heard yoga is supposed to be great for your back, but I don't have the patience for it.
Yes, it's amazing how many of you there are! Congratulations to you all!
to you. I wonder how many unassisted home births will result from this policy?
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