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I'm lovin' that being single and all, there's no one to fight about names with I'm thinking Homer.....it was my grandfathers name (the greatest man who ever lived ) But everytime I mention it my kids make "simpsons" references: I love old names, but that's the only one i've come up with so far that i even remotely like
Bump.... thanks for the link pariah! I looked at the site but what certification do they offer when you finish the course? thanks
Has anyone recieved their MH degree online? If so, which program did you use and how did you like it? Im checking out the Global College of Herbal Medicine and their program looks pretty comprehensive, but I dont have a lot to compare it to. Anyone with experience in this area?
I've had this feeling ffrom the beginning that its a boy, but i swear 1 more boy might put me in an early grave Yesterday my dd told me there were 2 babies in my belly and 1 was a boy and 1 was a girl Let's pray my kids arent psychic!!!
Sorry to keep you guys in suspense.....i really have tried to limit my online time. The ultrasound turned out great! The girl let me hear the heartbeat and showed me the baby. She said everything looked great and that my uterus was looking quite large and roomy Its all very odd considering the first one i had, but i'm very greatful that my baby is ok. Thank you all for your kind words and assurance
Big mac's. go aheah....stone me:
Ok, so my idea sucks I'm just trying to think of any way to not use the metrogel my gyn. perscribed. Here's where i'm confused: when i went to the dr. a couple weeks ago she said i had a bacterial infection (caused from loads of stress) but since then its turned into an inchy burning mess! So am i dealing with a combination of the 2 or are they both bascially the same and treated the same?
So after scouring the archives and reading all the wonderful advice you mama's give about how to treat a yeast infection while pregnant, here's what ive come up with..... Tell me if you think this would work or if not and why Combine plain yogurt, fresh minced garlic, and high grade tea tree oil in a syringe (like what you give baby meds in) and insert it into the vagina twice a day. Then i would put in my moon cup (very low) to ensure it didnt all run out onto my...
Thank you for all your replies and support With having 2 miscarriges before i'm just so freaked out about loosing this baby. I want to be excited so badly, but mostly i'm just scared of getting my hopes up just to have this pregnancy end as well . I'll report back after the appt. this afternoon
So i had an ultrasound this a.m. because i was completely convinced that something was not right. First, i'm huge and i'm swollen all over....face, legs and arms. I've gained about 10 lbs now in 2 weeks and my eating habits havent changed. I know everyone has been talking about "popping out" early but something just didnt seem right. So back to the ultrasound......she said all she saw was the yolk sac, a very swollen uterus, and a mass that could be an embryo sometime...
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