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My first real appointment will be at about 9 weeks, but I do go in for blood draws because I need to have my progesterone checked because it was low in my first pregnancy and I had to supplement.
I had one at my first appointment with my first pregnancy and it was the transvaginal wand...but I am overweight so I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have been able to see much with an abdominal one. I don't remember it being uncomfortable, but I was transfixed by that little beating heart..so who really knows how it felt! I'm sure that I will have one this time too-same doc.
Me too, had it with my first pregnancy too.
I had to have a root canal with my first pregnancy-believe me it couldn't wait until after she was born. My dentist did everything after talking with my OB and they both said even that was fine during end of my second trimester. I don't plan on repeating this again, so I'm thinking of doing the every three month cleaning thing myself.
I am still BF my 24mo old about three times a day. I haven't really noticed any diffference yet, but I know I didn't have much of a supply to begin with. I was shocked when I got a , because with DD my entire breasts were soooo sore, since they weren't this time I didn't think it could be!!
So sorry to hear your news, take care of yourself.
Hi everyone!! Name:Tanya Age:38, (39 at delivery) Due Date:12/28 Pregnancy #:2 Family (partner and/or other children):DH-Rory my love, and DD Izabella (3/05) Birth Plans/Preferences:Preference-homebirth, reality, hospital with an OB for my DH's sanity Anything else you'd like to share:I'm so excited to finally be on a DDC, I don't do this getting pregnant thing all too easy, I average 2 years of trying with some medical intervention to help. Can't wait to...
I'm so sorry.
I'm out ladies, CD2 here...and I got lucky enough to have a stomach bug at the same time, yea. Don't know about all of you, but I feel there should be no:Puke for any of us without a BFP!! : : : chinakat : : for all of you still waiting.. I'm sure I'll be back in a couple of weeks!!
Congts mommamin and chinakat!!
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