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Quote: Originally Posted by Biscuits & Gravy How old are the kids? Can they use an embroidery needle and thread? You could fuse the applique to the towels with the fuseable stuff and an iron, then teach them a simple embroidery stitch, like a running stitch, to go around the edges. No, they are 2-6. I don't think that would work. Maybe in a few years though.
Yeah, I also know that in my state it is a rule/law (whatever) with low income or income assistance housing. We had a friend who had 4 kids-the oldest 2 were boys, so they were "allowed" to share a room, but the younger two were girl/boy so they each had to have their own room and then she had to have her own room, I think her youngest was about 2 at the time. It made it very difficult to find assisted housing for them-needing a 4 bedroom house/apt. Oh and the younger 2...
Thank you all for some great ideas. Yeah, spaghetti really doesn't work for DH, and I could cook him something else, but I hate that, just from an exclusion standpoint. I mean I do make/eat pizza once in a while for my kids and make him something dif. but I really try to keep it DH friendly. I think I will kind of combine a few of these ideas, here is what I am thinking. Dinner 1-chilli with beans, cornbread BK-crockpot oatmeal and an egg casserole dish, plus we...
Ok, so I had a weak moment, well actually I thought it was a good idea when I agreed to it, but anyway..I am having my husbands entire family to our house for t-giving. Now, the big day will be ok, DH will BBQ the turkey, I am making some stuff and my MIL, SIL and neice will be helping with the rest. BUT....they will be coming on Wed. and not leaving until Fri evening or Sat. So I need meals for the rest of the time that they are here. Now I wasn't really stressed, but...
That's what I was afraid of... yeah fabric paints would work. I just found really cheap nice fall colored towels, so I'm trying to make this work.
I'm thinking of a craft for the kids at thanksgiving (I'm always in charge of the kid craft because that is where I function at craft-ability wise hehehe). Anyway I thought of towels/hand towels with some kind of precut appliques for them to put on them? Would any kind of craft glue work for this, or would it just fall apart the first time it was washed? Thanks for helping the craft impaired!!
Freezer jam is really super easy and you can add just the amount of sweetener, even honey, that your family would like.
Thank you, yes I definetly feel different about getting pregnant this time, that makes sense.
So Dh was soooo against #3, but after several long talks he has given me the greenlight to try for one more. I could go on, but I will keep it at, I am sure he is really good with this. My question is,(considering I've never been fertile myrtle, but I now know what the issue is),will this be a difficult conception?
Yup me too, even DD (2.5) calls them big boobie, and little boobie
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