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Quote: Originally Posted by jul511riv I'm thinking that it is very likely you should take a pg test, mama. Well, apparently I'm just a sicky...AF today. Oh well, DH says he is done anyway....we'll see.
Ok, so after now being sick for almost 4 weeks, I'm thinking that the last time I felt this bad, this long I was pregnant. Anyone think I am this time, or should I just suck it up and deal with the whole thing?
Am I really going to "catch up" financially, and will it be soon
HI- I had somewhat similar situation. DD1 was born when I was 36 after 2yrs of trying/diagnosing. I have low progesterone, so the fix for me was a few rounds of clomid-I was very lucky. I was ready right away after her to start trying again (after the raging birth hormones resolved a bit and I got a little sleep that is!). We just didn't TTP for the first year, and that was fine, but at about 14months I went back to get Clomid again. My Dr. wouldn't give me it until...
Quote: Originally Posted by Zenful Don't stress about the current layoff situation. You will find an even better job later on down the line...I sense about three to four weeks from now, you will see an ad somewhere that will lead you in the right direction. Thank you! This is me...trying not to stress and to be calm
There are also some cool mist ones that have an ultraviolet light in them, they cost a little more, but the light will kill off any mold/germies that try to live in the moist environment.
Ugh, just got home from work and it is so over the top stressful. We are facing BIG layoffs that none of us worker bees ever really thought would happen. Do you see what is in my future job wise?
Quote: Originally Posted by Apple Girl Yes, I think you will have another. Pg soon - within a few months. : shhhh don't tell DH yet, LOL!
Ok, so since I had a big baby dream last night...Are we done having children, or is there one more little girl trying to come to us?
Does anyone know of an EO or other natural thing that crickets don't like? I just want like a barrier for certain places I don't seem to be able to keep them out of, not really to kill them off, ya know?
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