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Yeah, I agree on not using them for little ones, but my DH goes to school all day and works until 10:30pm, so if I want to go I thought I could stand it a couple of times a week. But I'm thinking no.
Ok, so I don't know if my expectatiions for child care are way outrageous or not, can you help? I am a SAHM M-F and my two girls (3yo and 7mo) are with my DH on Sat. and my mom on Sunday, and neither of them had ever been with anyone but family. So a new fancy gym opened up here and since DH and I really need to do something we decided to join. We checked out the childcare room 2 different times when we were signing up and took the girls a couple of times during our...
I have worn each of my girls to Coors Field. My first was in a backpack type carrier on my front, and I just wore LO to her first game in my moby this month. No problems with either. Have fun!!
Ok, after coming here to find this exact topic, and reading from you all.... so if it doesn't go away, and DH REALLY doesn't want one more..how do I get over it enough to not be resentful and angry towards him. He never said he wanted more than two, and I had no idea how many I would want once we actually got started. He has all good reasons for being done, we will both be 40 this year, it is not easy for us to get pregnant and it took Clomid both times for us, he is...
Name: Tanya Age: 39 Due Date: 12/27 Baby's Name and Gender: Nataleigh Teagan, girl Date and Time Born: 12/26 3:01am Weight and Length: 8lb 4.6oz, 19 3/4 inches
Me. Another vote for prodromal hell, I'm fine with it either way, stop or start up. My poor DH keeps getting excited, then nothing. 39+3
I'm here and due in 7 days. Never really thought I'd get this far since DD was born at 38 weeks and I had a nasty stomach virus at t-giving and they had to check me (irritable uterus due to dehydration) and I was very soft and almost completly effaced. That said, I wasn't ready until this week, but now, I'm done, ready, whatever... I think the baby engaged yesterday, I cant wiggle the head anymore and it feels like the head is right down against my pelvic bone. I had...
Ummmm, my DH said I came at him like a "caged badger" a couple of days ago, ya think that counts as a yes??
Me too me too! Down my back and thighs and very low on my abdomen. I don't remember it being this bad with my DD, maybe it's just selective memory! Or maybe I was just excited to have something happen with her. I haven't had any mucus or change in discarge at all yet though. I just keep thinking, hey the more that goes on now, the less that has to go when labor really starts!
I had horrible swelling after my first. I was swollen up to my mid-thigh. I didn't have a c/s but I did have an epidural and they pushed a bunch of fluids on me fast because my B/P dropped a lot. Anyway mine took a couple of days to show up and about a week to go away and I hated it. I wondered if it bugged me more because I had no swelling during the pregnancy to speak of, or if I was just being a baby!!
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