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Hi, just saw this and I did take Clomid and get pg while BF. I was previously diagnosed with low progesterone, I was ovulating but not "well" enough to get pregnant. So I did take Clomid for my first pregnancy, it took 2 or 3 months at 50mg. When I went back when DD was 13months and was still BF my OB refused to do anything for me to get PG again while I was BF. I waited, took Vitex for a couple of months, which I think helped a little, I think I was back at my...
I use ice to the back of my neck and that helps sometimes, I think it constricts, like the caffeine does.
Me, me EDD is the 27th. I went at 38 weeks with my first, but I'd be okey dokey with going till at least 39 weeks with this one. We just got moved to our new house, so my life is such crazyness right now, getting everything switched over and boxes that are really needed unpacked, (this was supposed to happen sooner but there were unforeseen delays). Anyway I really want my "close to Christmas" baby too. DH makes fun of me for that and tells me all the...
Our baby bought DD a snow globe. She loves them so very much, and I thought it was approprite since this will be a Christmasy baby and that is when she gets to have all her snow globes out.
I second the chiro-I have been going this time and it has made an enormous difference in the way I feel now as compared to how I felt with my first pregnancy!!
36 Weeks, with my last pregnancy I had some PTL at 35w5d and they stopped it, although didn't do anything for the baby's lungs.
30 at 31 weeks-which is more than my first, but not a lot more, and I spent the first 5 months of that first pregnancy hanging over the toilet!!:Puke
He is so perfect and beautiful!!!
Congrats and : for an early release from NICU!!
I like both, but I chose Finley because it is more unique but not in a weird way, ya know? :
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