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Karen Baker in Yucaipa, CA.  She is awesome!  She was my midwife for 3 of my births.
I have been in this same situation.  I called Postpartum Support International and the lady that answered talked to me for 2 hours!  She convinced me to go see a GP.   Please call their number on the top of the forum.  It does not have to be like this.
I have never shared details of my sex life with my daughter.  I have openly talked to her or her friends about sex being a normal, natural thing.
My daughter turned 17 last month.  I have always been open with her about sex.  I also encouraged her to wait.  I told her of the emotions involved & how much it changes things.    Hormones won out...At 16; she told me she had unprotected sex.  I took her to get birth control.  I was not happy about it but hoped she would make smart choices.   I am now in a situation of her being involved with a guy in his 20's.  He promised my husband & I that they would wait...
See a different doc.  It is not "all in your head".  There are many different factors that may cause this.  Personally; I take Zoloft for my anxiety/depression.
I used to live in the Modesto area! There used to be a great LLL group that I went to. You may want to contact a local leader to ask more about the area now.
I am in a similar situation;but my problem tooth is a molar. I have been agonizing over what to do. For a front tooth; I would do the same as you are.
Since we moved into our new house... "No jumping off the loft. I don't care what you put under it to jump on."
Quote: Originally Posted by Shaina i would post and ask anyone if they have an extra phone lying around thats what i did Good idea! I have seen requests on Freecycle. I will give it a shot.
Of course; it can not be repaired. I called customer service and was told that I would have to pay up to $70 and extend my contract for 2 more years. Crap. Is there any other way to get a replacement phone?
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