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When I lived in a much colder place; I skipped socks and wore Hanna Andersson tights. Like these: http://www.hannaandersson.com/style....simg=33274_015
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Here is an old thread that is about the same thing: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...ight=gilnikche
Quote: Originally Posted by RachelS Thank you gilnikche! I really appreciate your post mama! How long did it take for the zoloft to help? How old was your little one when you started on it? Thank you again mama! It started helping within a couple of days. I feel that I must mention that I have always been very sensitive to all medications though. My baby was 3 weeks old when I started Zoloft.
Absolutely! This was one of the biggest reasons I started taking Zoloft. I also had extreme anxiety (could not stay still).
What dose are you taking? My doc had me on 200 mg and I decided to reduce my dose to decrease side effects.
My son was 3 weeks old when I started on Zoloft. Within the next month; I was up to 200 mg. He did not have any side effects. I even participated in a study through UCLA that tested his blood for any traces of the drug or it's metabolites. There were none.
Because that would be 12 weeks later.
According to the pediatric medical journals; premature infants should be vaccinated at their "adjusted" age. In this case; 12 weeks later. Personally; I would be more concerned about at what age they are given. Perhaps start again at 9 months? The weight gain will naturally follow.
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