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Quote: Originally Posted by Ann-Marita What is the address for the full-size version? I can't quite read it. It's www.geocities . com/ / socialization.ipg Anybody? It is mrkodytoon; but alas it does not work.
Do not keep trying to pop it when it is not ready! This can drive the infection deeper into the tissue. Do apply moist heat (as hot as you can stand) to the area at least three times a day. This will help soften the area and help bring it to the surface. I am a picker and know how hard it is to leave it alone. Try putting a band aid on it to keep your fingers off it. You may very well have some type of foreign body in there. That could definitely explain...
I thought you all might get a kick out of this: http://www.venamous.net/socialization.jpg
All the school buses stop in front of my house. The kids have broken my flower barrel by repeatedly stomping on it. They also have broken the 5 foot dragon that my husband made out of clay and cement. So I can relate. I have considered getting one of those sprinklers that have a motion sensor. Would that be too mean?
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My daughter cut her hair very badly when she was nearly 4. Her hair was shoulder length and she had chopped it right down to the scalp. She had huge bald patches alongside long strands. She did it while the family was watching a movie. When we turned the lights on; she said "Look mama; I'm pretty." Unfortunately; my reaction was to say "Oh my god!" and cry. She ran away and hid. We took her to a salon to see what they could do. All three of the ladies that...
Here are some past threads that may be of help: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...archid=4448731
Please contact me by PM with any questions.
I can only guess as to why you are having PPD. But first a few questions... What kind of support do you have? What was your birth experience like? What dose are you taking? BTW; have you taken this quiz? http://www.pndsa.co.za/ms-fc.htm
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