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How about having to tell your child ... "Honey; mommy can't sleep with your foot in my butt crack."
Quote: Originally Posted by Britishmum You automatically kneel on the bed before getting in, to clear a space for yourself by brushing a half-pound of sand off the sheets. Wow...I thought I was the only one.
Please contact me if there are any questions.
HeatherHeather, Do you take birth control pills? I had the same problems and nothing helped until I stopped taking them.
Only the ones that I have marked as done.
Alba lotions are wonderful & sink right in.
MommyHawk, It costs nothing to talk to the counselor that I posted contact info for above. Please, please give her a call.
I can not afford a wooden kitchen either. I am poor and my kids break stuff too fast. I plan on buying these and making a play castle instead! http://www.mrmcgroovys.com/index.htm
This is a form of PPD! I can really relate to this because I experienced it. I constantly thought about death. I also kept envisioning horrible scenarios of accidents happening to those I loved. You may be suffering from OCD/ anxiety. I can not stress this enough. Please talk to someone ASAP. I found some resources for you through PostPartum Support International: PLEASE CONTACT YOUR PSI COORDINATOR: PSI Coordinators offer caring and informed support and...
I have! I sure hope that she writes another up to date one.
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