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These photos are priceless!   It is awesome to see mamas in every part of our country mothering their babies in a natural and beautiful way!
I've been thinking about trying the Martha Vineyard's 21 pounds in 21 days diet. Has anyone tried this diet?
His first son.....  
Snug as a bug  
Camping   Our daughter Kortnie and son Eli        
Hello Mamas!   My name is Kristen, and I am a new Doula just finishing my certification. I am ready for the "hands-on" portion of certification and looking for births to attend and participate with. I do not charge a fee for my service, only donations.   If you are interested in having a doula for your birth, please send me a message or email me at: rappgirl3@aol.com   I am willing to travel!
Adam is friend to all creatures, big and small.  
Wish I was closer, I'd definitely want to be one of your doulas!
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